Delving Deeper into the Subject of Binaural Beats

Scheme showing the course of the fibers of the lemniscus; medial lemniscus in blue, lateral in red. (Superior olivary nucleus is labeled at center right.) The superior olivary nucleus is considered part of the pons and is a part of the auditory system, aiding the perception of sound.

It is important that people understand that I hold no credentials in terms of physiology or credentials as a scientist. This is purely from a layman subjective questionings,  as to the viability of what helps to produce effective layering of consciousness’s  abilities to explore.

Why is this effective and what is accomplished?


The sensation of binaural beats is believed to originate in the superior olivary nucleus, a part of the brain stem. They appear to be related to the brain’s ability to locate the sources of sounds in three dimensions and to track moving sounds, which also involves inferior colliculus (IC) neurons.[17] Regarding entrainment, the study of rhythmicity provides insights into the understanding of temporal information processing in the human brain. Auditory rhythms rapidly entrain motor responses into stable steady synchronization states below and above conscious perception thresholds. Activated regions include primary sensorimotor and cingulate areas, bilateral opercular premotor areas, bilateral SII, ventral prefrontal cortex, and, subcortically, anterior insula, putamen, and thalamus. Within the cerebellum, vermal regions and anterior hemispheres ipsilateral to the movement became significantly activated. Tracking temporal modulations additionally activated predominantly right prefrontal, anterior cingulate, and intraparietal regions as well as posterior cerebellar hemispheres.[18] A study of aphasic subjects who had a severe stroke versus normal subjects showed that the aphasic subject could not hear the binaural beats whereas the normal subjects could.[19]

It is healthy to retain some  skepticism as a method for sounding  the process for discovery about truth in the quest for what affects can be established. So while retaining these questions in mind,  the effect of what can be gained from the idea of Binaural beat as a tool for development of consciousness is an important one to me.

I am of course drawn to those comments that deal directly with the explanations of science and physiology .

Studies have shown a neurological basis of binaural beats perception which have assisted in identifying subcortical regions associated with processing phase differences between sounds. These have been found to be generated by neurons in the inferior colliculus, auditory cortex [15], [16] and the medial olivary nucleus, all of which are thought to be involved in processing and integration of auditory stimuli [17]. The effect of binaural beats on psychological and biological aspects however has been somewhat less clear.

A final consideration is the use of pink noise, overlaid music or sound, to generate some sort of effect. One study [33] compared music with an embedded binaural beat to music without one and generated a significant decrease in pain medication both during and after an operation, however the study was not controlled as participants were allowed to choose their own music. Also, other studies using pink noise [8], [18] have not detected entrainment, but have found psychological changes previously discussed. Comparing pink noise with a binaural beat, without and a control and subsequent effects on electrophysiological and psychological factors may be of interest.

In conclusion, this study aimed to examine if binaural beats were able to alter psychological processes and entrain cortical frequencies. Furthermore it aimed to examine if personality traits modulated entrainment. No statistically significant changes or relationships were detected between binaural beat stimulation at Beta and Theta frequencies and white noise control conditions in any personality trait, the vigilance task or EEG power spectra analysis. These results suggest that relatively short presentation steady state binaural beat stimulation at Beta and Theta frequencies are insufficient to generate entrainment and in turn this lack of entrainment does not seem to be related to personality traits. Additionally it appears that short presentation stimulation of binaural beats is ineffective at altering vigilance.A High-Density EEG Investigation into Steady State Binaural Beat Stimulation


Brainwave entrainment (BWE), which uses rhythmic stimuli to alter brainwave frequency and thus brain states, has been investigated and used since the late 1800s, yet many clinicians and scientists are unaware of its existence. We aim to raise awareness and discuss its potential by presenting a systematic review of the literature from peer-reviewed journals on the psychological effects of BWE.A comprehensive review of the psychological effects of brainwave entrainment.

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6 Responses to Delving Deeper into the Subject of Binaural Beats

  1. rbmacn says:

    \”I am of course drawn to those comments that deal directly with the explanations of science and physiology .\”Where does such dealing deposit you ?

  2. PlatoHagel says:

    RBM:Where does such dealing deposit you ?Under the \”some skepticism\” link there are some comments there that deal with the substance of looking toward understand the physiology as well as being respective of the science. I am sure some of it would resonant more, as you might thought relevant.It is by placing oneself in full view of the back and forth of respective views that I can see where the substance lies and of course some of these thoughts were brewing before I came upon the skepticism site.Of course we have touched on how one can get to such states in terms of when one is cognoscente of the heart beat and calmness to show how one can move cursors according too. So yes using computer using sensor feedback processes one can attain such a state. These were subjects pertaining to biofeedback in order to reach such states.So by using headphones it as if you draw a line across the superior olivary

  3. PlatoHagel says:

    So it is these measures that help to pinpoint the states of consciousness that are corresponding to measured affects of consciousness in such relaxed periods. This is conducive to information gathering, versus…..noise drowning out one's focus.Effective retention of such states help one to retain more of the information as if in a more lucid state. Years back I did some reading on a subject called \”Super Learning,\” which I found of interest, and to me, has corollary views for such retentions.Brain computer interface (BCI) is a system that translates the electrophysiological activity or metabolic rate of an organic organisms’ nervous system into signals that can be interpreted by a mechanical device.

  4. rbmacn says:

    \”Under the \”some skepticism\” link there are some comments there that deal with the substance of looking toward understand the physiology as well as being respective of the science. I am sure some of it would resonant more, as you might thought relevant.\”I saw some pretty ignorant comments, is all I really got from that link. People who don't even know about well-defined science isn't a place to look for answers in my experience of something that exceeds the domain of science.You have cataloged an impressive bunch of physiology information already, here. What have you found personally useful in experiencing your consciousness ?

  5. PlatoHagel says:

    RBM:What have you found personally useful in experiencing your consciousness ?Focus 27: The Reception Center, Way Station, or Park, designed to ease the trauma and shock of the transition out of physical reality.That one is \”capable of making the journeys.\” When an individual can recognize where they have been while exploring consciousness, even if it had been through happen stance. While you recognize any true venture requires some method toward returning, that one can accept such a capability exists is a important one. It's as if you've given yourself permission.It has been many years of introspection so exploring how my emotions arose inside or how memory was enhanced through these emotive associations are still all an ongoing stance of awareness as to my being. To be able to have these awareness at all the deeper levels of our journeys is a important one as to reveal the ability of what you can bring back in terms of your questions, about what you receive in taking that stance as to acquire knowledge and information. The answer is a understanding inside as to what you wanted to know and if this is possible and you know it is possible you recognize then, that the \”teacher and student\” can be one person. You may delineate these as two respective persons inside as you as imaging produces, but it is viable that these parts of self can exist as you who are aware, observing, listening while bringing this pack into your conscious awareness at the level of what manifests as this reality.

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