Harmonics will Color Your World?

If you are a active participator of the very world around you, how is it, the makeup of high energy particle creations could not have included the standard model make up “harmonically described” does it not also apply to our “very thinking and conscious mind?” 🙂

The Landscape “avant la lettre” by A.N. Schellekens

The lowest harmonics correspond to the particles of the Standard Model, plus perhaps a few new particles. The higher harmonics correspond to an infinite series of particles that we can never observe, unless we can build a Planck Energy accelerator

So of course the very basis of the thinking was drawn in my mind to the very subject enlisted by the minds of our predeccessors, to wonder, how this associative function could have ever been at the basis of how we may look at the World?

Lee Smolin:

In case it is not obvious, let me emphasize that harmonic oscillators are not relevent here, and can play no role in a background independent quantum theory, precisely because the division of a field into harmonic modes requires a fixed background metric. Thus, the physics of the problem REQUIRES an alternative quantization

Of course it is never easy for me to understand what is going on while we have the issues of the background, versus, the non background, and this brings up the ole debates about positions and adoptives stances scientists have taken in regards to the “duality” of science’s “quantum gravity” issues?

<a href="http://eskesthai.blogspot.com/2006/04/arthur-koestler-and-creativity.html&quot; target=_Blank title="True creativity often starts where language ends.
Arthur Koestler”>

Do I have a complete grasp of it. Absolutely not, while it forces me back to the issues, as to what is the basis of this “difference of opinion?”


Leonnard Susskind and Lee Smolin

While this is a conversation written by physicists for physicists, it should nonetheless be of interest for Edge readers as it’s in the context of previous Edge features with the authors, it’s instructive as to how science is done, and it’s a debate that clarifies, not detracts.

So by historically looking back, this is a reminder, about the ways in which science people are still looking at things, while holding their positions of thought today?

SEan’s meeting at PI, is a very interesting one becuase what it does is take the teacher and student scenario, and manifests the circumstance of clarification as to positions, while providing for a intuitive surge to present itself in the minds of it’s participnats.

So this debate then was held and it’s relationship rememebered within this blog as to the basis of determination, about how we see the universe and all that is in it.

Lee Smolin:

The aim of this paper is to explain carefully the arguments behind the assertion that the correct quantum theory of gravity must be background independent. We begin by recounting how the debate over whether quantum gravity must be background independent is a continuation of a long-standing argument in the history of physics and philosophy over whether space and time are relational or absolute. This leads to a careful statement of what physicists mean when we speak of background independence. Given this we can characterize the precise sense in which general relativity is a background independent theory. The leading background independent approaches to quantum gravity are then discussed, including causal set models, loop quantum gravity and dynamical triangulations and their main achievements are summarized along with the problems that remain open. Some first attempts to cast string/M theory into a background independent formulation are also mentioned.

The relational/absolute debate has implications also for other issues such as unification and how the parameters of the standard models of physics and cosmology are to be explained. The recent issues concerning the string theory landscape are reviewed and it is argued that they can only be resolved within the context of a background independent formulation. Finally, we review some recent proposals to make quantum theory more relational.

So if someone saids that space is empty, I have a really hard time with it.


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    1. nige says:

      Are you sure that Koestler is correct?My teachers certainly didn’t think so!Lee Smolin is giving an open lecture in London at LSE in a few days time and I’m wondering whether to attend. My ulterior motive is of course to try to raise some heretical questions on the links between cosmology and gravity.http://cosmicvariance.com/2006/01/03/danger-phil-anderson/However, he is very busy and probably won’t be able to answer questions. I’m not sure I can formulate a question that leads where I want to go. But I may attend anyway, and see how things pan out. Might try to write a concise paper and ask him if he will consider uploading it to arxiv. However, that would be a really bad thing to do if he was censored off arxiv like I was as a result, so maybe it is not sensible.

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