The Quantum Harmonic Oscillator

Quantum Harmonic Oscillator


Here are a series of written Blog entries by Matt Strassler from his Blog, Of Particular Significance.

  1. Ball on a Spring (Classical)
  2. Ball on a Spring (Quantum)
  3. Waves (Classical Form)
  4. Waves (Classical Equation of Motion)
  5. Waves (Quantum) 
  6. Fields
  7.  Particles are Quanta
  8.  How fields and particles interact with each other 
  9.  How the Higgs Field Works

    Given a preceding map  by Proffessor Strassler according to what has been gain in finality views requires this updating in order to proceed correctly in the views shared currently in science. So that lineage of thought is important to me.

    Probability Distributions for the Quantum Oscillator

    At the same time one cannot be held back from looking further and seeing where theoretical views have been taken beyond the constraints applied to the science mind.:)

    So what is the theory, then?

    Pythagoras could be called the first known string theorist. Pythagoras, an excellent lyre player, figured out the first known string physics — the harmonic relationship. Pythagoras realized that vibrating Lyre strings of equal tensions but different lengths would produce harmonious notesratio of the lengths of the two strings were a whole number. (i.e. middle C and high C) if the……

       Pythagoras discovered this by looking and listening. Today that information is more precisely encoded into mathematics, namely the wave equation for a string with a tension T and a mass per unit length m. If the string is described in coordinates as in the drawing below, where x is the distance along the string and y is the height of the string, as the string oscillates in time t, 

    See: Official String Theory Web Site

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