Particle Constructs

Several large experimental groups are hot on the trail of this elusive subatomic particle which is thought to explain the origins of particle mass.  Higgs Update Today

What use the Higg’s Mechanism?

Just as one might look at GRB examples of motivation that come to us in natural cosmic particle collisions, by looking back in time is it not to strange to wonder how such compositions are given to the contacts  and explorations of where any beginnings may materialize. So we are given clues?

The structure is being detail as if in association to identifying the elements in between Mendeleev’s elemental table components? Seaborg’s octaves? It is an analogy in comparison as you might track LHC components of particle expressions?

this increases his resistance to movement, in other words, he acquires mass, just like a particle moving through the Higgs field

Latest research can pinpoint what I am saying yet it is through such expressions we might ask how is it an Einstein crossing the room can gather so many minds and ideas to it? Can we say then that consciousness is much the same, yet, it isn’t the idea of a heat death that such notions are not palatable with what happens in the brain but the idea that new ideas can enter. You see?

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2 Responses to Particle Constructs

  1. Ulla says:

    Ye, I think consciousness can be something like that 🙂 At least our 'Free Will'. But another great mind, Matti Pitkänen has not got so many other brilliant minds gathered around him. What can that depend on? Fear or ignorance? These things must at least be able to discuss, even if we cannot today reach any consistent conclusion.I think LHC can learn us much, really.

  2. Plato Hagel says:

    Hi Ulla,I agree with you about consciousness and scientists being involvement, as well as them working their trades.I will have a post shortly that will include 18 Youtube videos that you might be interested in.Best

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