Question: Are Blackholes Connected by Dark Matter?

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  1. Plato says:

    Fermi observations of dwarf galaxies provide new insights on dark matter.

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    Fermi Observations of Dwarf Galaxies Provide New Insights on Dark Matter

    No one knows what dark matter is, but it constitutes 80 percent of the matter in our universe. By studying numerous dwarf galaxies — satellite systems that orbit our own Milky Way galaxy — NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope has produced some of the strongest limits yet on the nature of the hypothetical particles suspected of making up dark matter. (Credit: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center)
    Download this video in broadcast quality formats from NASA Goddard’s Scientific Visualization Studio


    Density Parameter, Ω

    You must understand that the subject in context of question has been answered to some degree. The arguments for such an idea has its basis in science discussion already. What started this was the idea of cosmic strings that were first discussed to some degree back in 2005 and confirmation reading as as to the idea of such things in the early universe. What happens in galaxy clusters versus baryon versus non baryon relations. While this is fresh in my mind in terms of how relevant this is, is the failing connotation of a mind who reads a lot and has a hard time of putting it together in a cohesive statement being ready for such an answer to the opening question on this blog entry.

    Critical Density for the Expanding Universe

    The Sun lies about 8.5 kpc from the galactic center of the Milky Way galaxy, and the visible spiral arms and globular clusters extend out to about 15 kpc. Radio frequency methods should detect gas and dust past this radius, but not much is found. It was expected that the orbital velocity of that matter which is detected should diminish, but it stays more or less constant well beyond any significant detectable mass concentrations. The orbital velocity data clearly indicates the presence of gravitational mass, and the term “dark matter” is used to describe it.

    We know as well that current questions about Dark Matter will be answered soon with AMS II? So I may find this article quickly redundant as to the question raised as some effort to what has been transposing in my own mind for some time. It is not a theory or something which I would claim as to providing some basis as to explaining the why of the omega of the universe, but to further developed my undertaker at what lies at the edge of our current information.

    Can a blackhole contain information and disperse it among the way in which our universe is forming and accelerating? These perceptions for me lie at what is happening in Di-Jet resonances as feasible explanations that are important toward the undertaking of what is happening in the universe.

    At the same time again it is always in corrections that scientists will further explain that such an correlation may not be a good thing to consider here and is deceiving which is never my intent. As a student ever the examination of my thinking so as to provide a better understanding for sure.

    In the above list I have excluded the case of quantum black holes (where the CMS limits are in the 4 to 5.3 TeV range and the ATLAS limits are in the 3.85-4.19 TeV range) because of the lack of a coincident set of assumptions in deriving the actual results, making it less meaningful to compare numbers. See: CMS Vs ATLAS On Dijet Resonances: Who Wins ?

    You must know that the ideas that were forming in my head have directed my attention toward the reducible elemental considerations of particle physics and it’s manifestation as energy configurations. The essence of which is pointing me toward the latest research CMS updates and the questions of Di jet resonances that Tommaso Dorigo is talking about.

    Tommaso Dorigo: A transverse cut-away view of the CMS detector is shown below, with the different signals that arise from the interaction of different particles.

    I have come to rely on those scientist who are closest to what is leading in terms of experiment so as to understand not only the issue about the universe, but of what is microscopically happening in our immediate environs in terms of cosmic particle collisions.This is always an ongoing educational update for me so as to get the corrections needed in developing the ideas as they manifest, whether they are right or wrong, are leading as to the edge of where we have gone with that science.

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