Neurobiological Affect of Quantum Processes

I am assuming the neurobiology affect of quantum processes already is an an example of the process itself, if it uses quantum mechanical processes as interference.

Processes undergoing quantum mechanics, exhibit quantum interference effects.In this case quantum probabilities result to be different from classical probabilities because they contain an additional main point that in fact is called the quantum interference term. We use ambiguous figures to analyse if during perception cognition of human subjects we have violation of the classical probability field and quantum interference. The experiments, conducted on a group of 256 subjects, evidence that we have such quantum effect. Therefore, mental states, during perception cognition of ambiguous figures, follow quantum mechanics.
pg 2 –Mental states follow quantum mechanics during perception and cognition of ambiguous figures.

The use of eeg machinery is already established as interferences patterns, hence, brain wave patterns?

However neuroscience finds it hard to identify the crucial link existing between empirical studies that are currently described in psychological terms and the data that arise instead described in neurophysiological terms. Mental states follow quantum mechanics during perception and cognition of ambiguous figures

A question that may arise is, as to the definitive state of entanglement as an ambiguous figure. While interference affects as ambiguous perceptions, which arise as mental patterns as wave forms prior too? Thus, the collapse of the wave function, as an entanglement.

An indication arises from quantum mechanics. Quantum theory represents the most confirmed and celebrated theory of science. Started in 1927 by founder fathers as Bohr, Heisenberg, Schrödinger, and Pauli, it has revolutionized our understanding of the physical reality in both scientific and epistemological fields. pg 5

The image recognition could be characterized by synchronization of firings in a neural network responsible for image recognition. Such a synchronization may be conceived as a stabilization to a fixed frequency of firings, and thus can be considered as a version of the collapse of the wave function. pg 8

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