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 For me there has to be a beginning for any object of presentation,  so that the understanding fully incorporates how one is looking at say “our skies historically” can be the seed of what matures tomorrow. While that process and it’s unfolding can be months in the making, it must for me have an imprint of where it came from, so that anything that matures out of it, can be understood in the context of the way in which I might want to write my story.

This  does not mean and shall never mean,  it becomes the story of Clifford’s and has any relation to anything he writes.

 This is necessary for me in order to progress through time, to ultimately see how “artistically describing” can lead one to a fuller comprehension of the seriousness of the task at hand.

For me, as a tracker, I am looking for the seeds of such designs. How such projects can come to mind, just as much as,  theoretical ideas can manifest from all that has come before it. It must follow the rules of science in order for the theoretical to have ever materialized right?


Anish Kapoor chosen for landmark 2012 sculpture —

Image of Orbit Image by ARUP

 Artistic renditions must “like science articles” abide by the science as we know it. That it is displayed properly in nature, as it is so written by equatorial discriptions?

If you followed the topic of a  post  entry by Clifford you sort of get the  picture by the question he raises.   He said,

Now, while looking at the picture above, I noticed something interesting. Is it just me, or is the sky wrong? I don’t mean that it is blue and over London and therefore a contradiction (droll, but not even close to the truth). Look at the shadow of the Thing (called The Orbit, I think), and look at the pattern of the blue in the sky.Stairway to Heaven- Published by Clifford on March 31, 2010

So if are your bit of a perfectionist, find yourself dreaming of a project that will certainly display the issues of “artistic rendition” as shown in the article of the Orbit’s Skies,   I saw Clifford correlating the process and elaboration of his current project,  as it was listed by links below..

The Project – 1-

The Project – 2-

The Project – 3-



I want to quickly take you to the Blog posting that was important for me , knowing full well all the subsequent posts written by Clifford are leading up to what started as the lesson for me, now looking at the beginning,  as I have proposed from my perspective, has now come to fruition, as a project of much importance.

But first you must know something about the shadows, how important to me, and how these are markers in the truest sense of the word so as to reveal where the sun is , as well as how one may look at the sky  in accordance with the principals of science.


So you have to go back to the very beginning of the Post called Stairway to Heaven by Clifford to understand what I have always known, and what has preoccupied my time many years ago. It is necessary to see the comment made to understand the relevance I may ever have in comments according to how a picture is perceived, how shadows are used to highlight perspective about objects, or, about how objects them self cast such shadows.

I thought from a historical standpoint to today?

It’s all in the shading?:)I mean for instance, using architectural objects for telling time? Or marking locations.

Stefan of Backreaction had a nice blog posting about it placing one in New York.

Would this serve as an illustration “for picture analysis” in Stairway to Heaven? A relation too, the idea of Early Euclidean beginnings ‘of the geometries’ as a basis of “angle of determinations’ of the sun’s location?

Being Cryptic, is information that you don’t have,  that one must have,  in order to complete the picture? If you do not ever have the experience, how are you ever to talk about a particular situation that needed explanation in the truest sense. So one might write about it, or draw in painting style according to his perception of it.


So after following the blog posting by Clifford, leading too, Paints , it was Jude that helped me to understand the perspective about the direction in which to look at Clifford’s picture there.

As Jude pointed out, moving from the idea of suspension(Ele Munjeli) , toward actually “looking up” makes this very interesting three dimensional viewing of the location.
I like it because the “expansion of viewing,” from a different perspective is realized, whether it was your intention or not.

If I did not have the information  I am giving you,  then it is but a simple lesson in life. A lesson, without the content of something much deeper and significant about that which drives it home. Helps one to fully grok the experience. So you try to emulate the experience, by writing, by painting? Creating a narrative about the lesson involved.

So by arriving at “Paints” you understand the creative artistic process that lead Clifford there.


I’m impressed with your drawing abilities.

The arena picture caught me of guard, as to the location of the sun, as the shadow was laid over the windows of the building. At first, it looked like I was looking right through the building at a completed structure through too…windows on the other side. Is there another building across from it, or in the same direction as the shadow?

Should one line up the shadow of the building with the woman in blue’s shadow?

I know you tend to the ole ways, but I was wondering again about mouse overs for computer based images(sound, wording captions) how you are going to portray these discussions.

Again, wonderful creative process. It must have taken a lot of work.

But now in order to understand the lesson, not just of the shadows involved but the direction of where the sun is located in his picture. This is important not only in concert with the idea of the shadows, but of the very sky itself. As I looked up, the visualization was expansive.

In Paints, once understanding what I was actually looking at,  by looking up, who could have not caught the sun reflected on the side of the building. So for me, this was about finding the location of the Sun. Something else happened as well as I looked at the sky.  How well one needs to pay attention.  How else one is able to identify the location as it is represented in the sky?

There is a lot of  detail not only on the side of the building, but also on the differences of color detailed in the sky. It’s really quite remarkable the attention to detail given, but also the attention given to artistic displayed of the science in nature on mathematically as it can be representative in the sky.

On Tuesday I had ended with a computation that is the essence of the reason the sky is blue, which is a nice enough thing to talk about, but today I wanted to go more in depth on the whole thing, and show that you can in a few steps show that the blueness has a particular pattern to it. I wrote out the final equations in a few steps and looked at them for a moment or two and realized that with the sun rising at that very moment, it was the perfect situation to have! So I went outside to enjoy the beautiful Autumn day and the beauty there is in seeing an equation writ large in the sky – and it really was all there.Blue Skies… Published by Clifford on October 29, 2009

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