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It’s Alive: Cosmic Ray Recordings

I was doing some visiting around to see what Jacque Distler was doing and of course some blog entries are more dear to the heart, when you have followed the history and found correlative statements that bring the subject home … Continue reading

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Nodes and Anti-nodes

Tool’s for measure. The center of the gyroscope is a jewel-like sphere of fused quartz. These spheres, the size of Ping-Pong balls, are the roundest objects ever made by man. The tiny spheres are enclosed inside a housing chamber to … Continue reading

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All Particles of the Standard Model and Beyond

Polchinski Elected Member Of National Academy of Sciences Polchinski’s discovery of D-branes and their properties is, according to the Academy citation, “one of the most important insights in 30 years of work on string theory.” Can I tell a little … Continue reading

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History of the Universe and the Standard Model

Who would of thought the history of the universe could have ever been contained in this one moment? While it had been translated to 13.7 billions years, what is the value of recognizing this vast history, to what is contained … Continue reading

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Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) Some of the older, and not so old, when they hear “this title” above, do they think of Startrek’s exploits in space? As we were given “a view” of space travellers going from … Continue reading

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Cosmic Rays Collisions and Strangelets Produced?

I like to think of Enlightenment in another way Jaffe:) While we had focused our attention on the airs about the earth, how would it been possible for us earthlings to push back the limitations on on our views that … Continue reading

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Quark Gluon Plasma II: Strangelets

You have to follow the logic developement, which is confusing, because in one respect “Risk assessment” does not think of cosmic collisions as interesting comparisons to microstate production, yet as I travelled through the information held in context of Pierre … Continue reading

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Information about LHC :So You Want to Play Games?

LHC – THE LARGE HADRON COLLIDER So of course such contributions to involvement the general public in a style response screen saver thought bend towards the increase of computation abilities to digest? In January of 2004, Ben Segal and François … Continue reading

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Has Speed of Light changed Recently?

You have to remember I am not as well educated as the rest of the leaque connected at Peter Woit’s site. But how could one think anything less, then what perception can contribute, as less then what the educated mind … Continue reading

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How to understand this quantum-to-classical transition linking two incompatible descriptions of reality is still a matter of debate among the various interpretations of quantum theory. In any case, one can probe the borderline between the classical and the quantum realm … Continue reading

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