Moose (Alces alces)

This was captured outside our garage door by my wife. I happened to be on the other side of the house, when I heard the dogs barking, and my wife telling me to come quick.

Over the years we’ve viewed many Moose on properties that we had owned, and on other lands.

Unfortunately, we have run into about four over the years with varying degrees of cost to vehicle repairs. The “plus side” is that we have not been hurt in these collisions. Were they unavoidable? Having this country life and going to work at the dark hours have made myself mostly a candidate for such incidents. Weather does dramatically place a part in this, and not being totally observant to the environment would have to be included.

Pileated Woodpecker (Dryocopus pileatus)

This picture is taken from one of the locations my wife feeds the birds. There are about four different types of birds that we have identified.

Evening Grosbeaks(Coccothraustes vespertinus)Yellow are males, females greyer.

These second two pictures are from the second location. At this second location there are other mouths that are being feed that I will put up shortly.

Pine Grosbeak(Pinicola enucleator)Females are gray with two white wing bars. Male is pink to red with two white bars

This little fellow below is a frequent visitor, along with many others who fight over territory amongst the trees. They have learnt to sometimes sit amongst the birds okay, while other times they make it their mission to keep each other from the feed.

American Red Squirrel(Tamiasciurus hudsonicus)

Understanding Nature

While people even like myself may talk about it, have we really learnt of the differences in the animal world and the characteristics to each of the species? There is something primordial about the animal per say, yet, within context of the groups that they form, how well do we understand it’s culture. Would it be wrong to assign such thing as “cultured” when a civilized society would seem more apt to such an expression?

When you spend years with different animals you get to learn some of the things that are unique to them, as well as being the recipient of an animal wrath. Unbeknownst even to them, this primordial call of the wild, will inhibit even the most loyal animal, when it is ready to show it’s colours for the opposite sex. I know by not being aware and walking in front of the line the animal paces, I did not realize how a bite on the side could hurt. That was my mistake for underestimating.

So to the mothering instinct of the newborn, that a mother will protect. The very land becomes it’s home and being marked, will become the territory of it’s babies. How close to that zone, and how much a warning given? After the babies are grown and gone what is it that leaves mothers to believe that they are still protecting their home.

That one would think Horses would show their very nature and we think the males dominant, when the very order is selected by the mare? So too, I would like to fool them when they are young and born to this world that the imprint and betrayal of my size, would have them believe at 1200lbs I could still pick them up. They are always still wary then. But then, that is history. They were sent to their rightful place up north.


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