A New Culture?

Let us say there is a “new rewiring” that goes on in one’s brain. That the divisions and lines we perpetrate on the senses, sees colour and sound taking on a “new feature” in the explanation of the world around us.

While some of these features may see relevant to the process of science and their theoretics, I would say such definitive lines are the experiment of “seeing nature revealed.” IN this sense, string theory has come to play a part in how I now incorporate, from a subjective standpoint( it may be deemed meta-physical), the gravity of all situations as one becomes expressive of the emotive and mental functions of our mattered states.

Now conceptually, this process is a strange one for me, because I tend to see these lines blurring and become expressive from one position to the next(emotive colouring and mental states), and in this relation, gravity has pushed its way into what will be “for all people to realize” once we conceptually have moved to this new perspective.

I have not forgotten the science here, but push forward to what has happened in my own life, as I integrate the “senses view,” even while we take for granted the views of the “material world” while not recognizing it’s very depth.

On this Friday last, as I watch my 18 month old grandchild watch Barney’s imagery movie and how it made use of sound/colour to match it’s expression. Unbeknownst to the child, this blurring of the line of the senses, pushes the child’s mind to consider sound in this colourful context. One of the toys we bought here at the grandparents place, is a xylophone, with every metal bar matched in colour to a sound.

It is unfortunate that we had to occupy my grandchild’s mind with this aspect of time of movies, but of course, if you are busy with twins(seven weeks old), while relieving the parents of the intense work undergone in child rearing, we thought to help our “own children” in this exercise for a night. Plus, we got to engage with the soul’s revealed through the eyes of these young ones.

It is difficult for those who teach, if they have not had the children to ever relate about the likes of stories being imparted, to now be observant of what is “real in the lives” as they unfold. This is the sight of parents from a global perspective as you see the nature of one set of children go on to rear their own children.

As parents we see the resulting nature of the adults we have produced, and the methods of parenting they adopt as they rear their own. Some of it contains is the history which you have embedded in them from your own past, and new methods that are implemented, as to the fairness of what one hopes their children to become.

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