Higgs Search History

Status of Standard Model Higgs Searches in Atlas

See: F. Gianotti, ATLAS talk at Latest update in the searchfor the Higgs boson at CERN, July 4, 2012.


 The recent discovery at the LHC by the CMS and ATLAS collaborations of the Higgs boson presents, at long last, direct probes of the mechanism for electroweak symmetry breaking. While it is clear from the observations that the new particle plays some role in this process, it is not yet apparent whether the couplings and widths of the observed particle match those predicted by the Standard Model. In this paper, we perform a global t of the Higgs results from the LHC and Tevatron. While these results could be subject to as-yet-unknown systematics, we nd that the data are signi cantly better t by a Higgs with a suppressed width to gluon-gluon and an enhanced width to, relative to the predictions of the Standard Model. After considering a variety of new physics scenarios which could potenially modify these widths, we nd that the most promising possibility is the addition of a new colored, charged particle, with a large coupling to the Higgs. Of particular interest is a light, and highly mixed, stop, which we show can provide the required alterations to the combination of gg and widths. See Are There Hints of Light Stops in Recent Higgs Search Results?

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