The Crown of the Creation Syndrome

Innumerable suns exist; innumerable earths revolve around these suns in a manner similar to the way the seven planets revolve around our sun. Living beings inhabit these worlds. Giordano Bruno, 1584

The paper was very much appreciated by many of the author’s colleagues[citation needed], even by very prominent ones, although it has also been criticized as being unscientific[citation needed], belonging more appropriately to the category of science fiction, by several other colleagues[citation needed]. The reason for this discrepancy, she says, is due solely to prejudice (similar to the prejudices regarding the biological evolution discovered by Darwin and his colleagues). As a matter of fact, Gato-Rivera even coined the term the Crown of the Creation Syndrome[citation needed], in her paper to explain this kind of prejudices, which she discusses in some detail.


 Beams of neutrinos have been proposed as a vehicle for communications under unusual circumstances, such as direct point-to-point global communication, communication with submarines, secure communications and interstellar communication. We report on the performance of a low-rate communications link established using the NuMI beam line and the MINERvA detector at Fermilab. The link achieved a decoded data rate of 0.1 bits/sec with a bit error rate of 1% over a distance of 1.035 km, including 240 m of earth.

Kapusta points out that the condensation temperature would be well below the cosmic background temperature, so it would be quite a feat to make this superfluid. However, Kapusta also notes that a sufficiently advanced civilization might use pulses of neutrino superfluid for long-distance communications. See: The right spin for a neutrino superfluid


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