The Least Resistance as Possible?

It is always of interest that communications over longer distances is made most capable and following an ole effect we see that where such tunneling allows such a process?

 Kapusta points out that the condensation temperature would be well below the cosmic background temperature, so it would be quite a feat to make this superfluid. However, Kapusta also notes that a sufficiently advanced civilization might use pulses of neutrino superfluid for long-distance communications.

On an abstract level how is one able to envision such a process unless such a hole provides for information to move through a center,  and information to move very fast.

Magnetism is a fundamental interaction shaping our physical world, at the basis of technologies such as magnetic recording or energy generation. Unlike electromagnetic waves, which can be routed and transmitted with waveguides to long distances, magnetic fields rapidly decay with distance. Here we present the concept, design, and properties of a magnetic hose which enables to transfer the static magnetic field generated by a source to an arbitrary distance, and along any given trajectory. We experimentally demonstrate the field transmission through the simplest hose realization using a superconducting shell with a magnetic core. We discuss possible application of magnetic hoses to harness quantum systems by addressable magnetic fields, in the context of quantum information processing.Magnetic hose: Routing and Long-distance Transportation of Magnetic Fields

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