PI director Neil Turok’s welcome speech


See Also: Perimeter Institute and the crisis in modern physics

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4 Responses to PI director Neil Turok’s welcome speech

  1. Dileep_Sathe says:

    On reading Neil Turok’s welcome speech, I think, there are crises in physics, modern as well as fundamental, because some physicists think that we need new ideas due to the failure of supersymmetry, http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=supersymmetry-fails-test-forcing-physics-seek-new-idea As an educator, I think, that recently discovered “retrograde” exo-planets are reviving an old challenge in learning of some fundamental physics, read Letter in Physics Education, January 2012, p. 132, http://www.iopscience.iop.org/0031-9120/47/1

  2. PlatoHagel says:

    I will read……thanks Dileep_Sathe

  3. Dileep_Sathe says:

    OK platoHagel, I will scan that Letter, then we can discuss.

  4. PlatoHagel says:

    Hi Dileep_Sathe,platohagel@gmail.comThanks,

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