Holographic Universe, The Secret beyond Matter.

Now you must understand while this supposed question of the understanding behind a Platonist heaven has some place here in the conversation, I had been pushing forward.  I am of course interested in the science, so as to understand reality. So what follows has been on the books of metaphysics for sometime it seems. I want to clarify these thoughts and ideas in context of today’s science. What is truth and what is not.

This video had been cut to form “another video.” It is important to see how this was done. Go to the time of the original video on display of 20:15 and see where this continues in second video.

Perception, is an interesting subject.

Yet logically another non-dual option remains, namely virtualism, that a mind-independent, non-physical reality outputs the physical world by processing. In this admittedly radical view, the “ghostly” world of quantum theory is real and the physical world is like a screen image thrown up The Virtual Reality Conjecture -http://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/1110/1110.3307.pdf

On page 16 of VR conjecture I noticed a link at bottom of page that lead me to a video that I thought interesting. But, at the same time, the end, was quite shocking( See: The Real Absolute Being at 20:15)

The shift over to a universal permanence by name, had me wondering how many had jumped the gun, to have given this reality, a name? Advanced the issue of religion, as was entitled by name to see that it occupied, as if a place. A place in Plato’s Heaven. So you choose who by name your (Absolute Real Being), Metaphysics has then lead us to this?

But honestly, you have to see the first part up to 20:15 and especially at 15:26 with regard to the perceived. Now, how guilty should I have been to see that I held some similar belief, that I may refer to the Platonist heaven as a function of the wave, now sees some Islamic fundamentalism that takes hold. No, it does not have to go by the name of Allah as it is spoke of by inference as that of the Holy Grail, in original video?

So while having been deflected as to follow a link on a page, the real issue here is what the first part of the video is speaking too. Any problems with this to help identify the Self?

Now of course how this video was used is important.  The issue of Quantum cognition is important to see some perspectives as they have been revealed  as metaphysical as well an understanding that we are in need of qualifying the process of sight, as issues of Quantum Theory?


Quantum Models of Cognition and Decision Much of our understanding of human thinking is based on probabilistic models. This innovative book by Jerome R. Busemeyer and Peter D. Bruza argues that, actually, the underlying mathematical structures from quantum theory provide a much better account of human thinking than traditional models. They introduce the foundations for modelling probabilistic-dynamic systems using two aspects of quantum theory. The first, “contextuality,” is a way to understand interference effects found with inferences and decisions under conditions of uncertainty. The second, “quantum entanglement,” allows cognitive phenomena to be modelled in non-reductionist ways. Employing these principles drawn from quantum theory allows us to view human cognition and decision in a totally new light. Introducing the basic principles in an easy-to-follow way, this book does not assume a physics background or a quantum brain and comes complete with a tutorial and fully worked-out applications in important areas of cognition and decision. Quantum Models of Cognition and Decision

Also see here (Quantum Models of Cognition and Decision –  Bold and underlined added for emphasis by me.

In relation to the parable and what is distinct in the parable, was an example that I thought to bring forward as I understood it. This help me to see how quantum cognition is used(contextualized and entangled”) and are looked at. Without a reductionist view, entangled takes on new meaning as to make a judgement or a decision. To make a distinction, means that in the parable you have decided, while interference, is a type of wave. The necker Cube is important here.

The Necker cube is used in epistemology (the study of knowledge) and provides a counter-attack against naïve realism. Naïve realism (also known as direct or common-sense realism) states that the way we perceive the world is the way the world actually is. The Necker cube seems to disprove this claim because we see one or the other of two cubes, but really, there is no cube there at all: only a two-dimensional drawing of twelve lines. We see something which is not really there, thus (allegedly) disproving naïve realism. This criticism of naïve realism supports representative realism. Necker cube

Bold added to emphasize, direct and indirect realism. Again, I am not qualified to the extent to say parable is a good example, but, I think this will help greatly to look at as an example and the Necker cube, as given in the following quotes.

The Necker cube is a paradigmatic example for bistable perception where pattern reversal obeys a particular probability distribution. Atmanspacher, Filk and Römer (2004) discussed this switching dynamics in terms of the quantum Zeno effect where “observation” (here attending to a percept) increases the dwell-time of an otherwise fast decaying unobserved state. Quantum Cognition, Bistable perception

I think by giving examples one might understand this better, and I wonder if there are others who understand, who can help describe the physics of, in the way it was here. Quantum theory is essential here then. Judgement and decisions, are entangled states.

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