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Singularities must be Rewritten?

From Dr. Kip Thorne, Caltech 01 On Relativity-Plate 24 I have given examples why the singularities have to be rewritten. I explain the value of the KK Tower as well. As well, it’s relationship to curvature of the universe. Following … Continue reading

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Early Universe Formation

An Energy of Empty Space? Einstein was the first person to realize that empty space is not nothingness. Space has amazing properties, many of which are just beginning to be understood. The first property of space that Einstein discovered is … Continue reading

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Carl Jung’s Symbolical Nature?

The mandala can also be an image of eternity cycling through time and as such images soul’s and Nature’s circular journeys, as they are reflected in, for example, the Native American Medicine Wheel, in seasonal, rebirth and karmic cycles, in … Continue reading

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Project Satellite Energy Exchange (SEE)

December 15th, 2005 at 2:35 pm Tony Smith: As to the time of Feynman soving the QED problem, in 1941 (according to Mehra’s Feynman biography The Beat of a Different Drum (Oxford 1994)) Feynman had the inspiration from Dirac’s paper … Continue reading

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Instead of the Pea, What New Paradigm?

Omega=? Imagine for one moment that this is all wrapped in a bubble(universe). Our views of earth, the hills and valleys, of the gravitational perspective, as I showed of earth as “time variable measure” now brought to conceptual realization for … Continue reading

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Intuitively Compelling

While it does appear that Einstein has indeed given us a paradigm which was indeed world-changing and affected everyone, how well might he have known himself? He was “driven,” as to the” focus and outcome” of GR’s growth? Yet, being … Continue reading

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Bulk Perspective, As Sound?

Let’s say, it all depends on how you would like to look at the universe. Develope your constructs, to tell you how it is the universe came into being and such. A picture then, could become a thousand words? Links … Continue reading

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On Gauss’s Day of Reckoning

A famous story about the boy wonder of mathematics has taken on a life of its own –Brian Hayes Illustration by Theoni PappasIn a fanciful drawing done in the manner of a woodcut, the young Carl Friedrich Gauss receives instruction … Continue reading

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Quantum Mechanics: Determinism at Planck Scale

Perhaps Quantum Gravity can be Handled by thoroughly reconsidering Quantum Mechanics itself?– Gerard t’ Hooft Albert Einstein used harmonic oscillators to understand specific heats of solids and found that energy levels are quantized. This formed one of the key bridges … Continue reading

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Krauss Speaks, People React? :)

We understand that Alice is just part of the developing perspective we have about interactions? THis is consistant with Glast, as well as any calormetrical understanding, from an interaction? That we had not explain the extra energy should still be … Continue reading

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