Latex Rendering

Andrew Roberts:Here are some tutorials I have written for getting up to speed with this excellent document processing system. If you are not sure why Latex is any good, find out the benefits. I wouldn’t consider myself an expert, but I’m learning all the time. I recall finding it quite taxing when I start to learn Latex, which is why I have started these tutorials. However, I hope that my experiences plays to your advantage, since I hope I can let you into the sort of questions and problems I had when I first learning Latex.

While preparing myself for the intricacies of PDF or science documents, which is a requirement of science people, I went back of course to what Robert and Clifford had found in the science community.

I am of course least in terms of the science education as I go through these bloggeries, yet the message has not fallen on a deaf ear in my case. So working toward helping others in science, is no less important then being given the skill to express myself/yourself properly.

So this is a beginning for me then, of what I had said I would do for the coming year.

Latex Symbol Latex language
{times} \times
{div} \div
{diamond} \diamond
{pm} \mp
{ominus} \ominus \Big oplus
{otimes} \otimes
{oslash} \oslash
{odot} \odot
{bigcirc} \bigcirc
{circ} \circ
{bullet} \bullet
{asymp} \asymp
{}....and so on.... \

[tex]{times}[/tex]= Latex symbology examples

In the “above link” to John Forkosh Associates, I used the pre “enclosed html brackets and /pre to finish article link even though it had been redone, as a demonstration to illustrate the symbolizations in latex rendering.

Click on Image for a larger size

Click on Image for a larger size

Click on Image for a larger size

Above, Clifford has laid it out for demonstration within his Sandbox to help others within his bloggery. Hope people use it. I am a little shy when it comes to demonstrating my ignorance, so having my “own sand box” would be nice without polluting someone else.

Imaging in Latex

Clifford:This is a space, easily accessible from the front page, where you can practice your LaTeX/MimeTeX commands for writing equations for adding to discussions, etc. You can see several people’s experiments at the earlier post here.

1st generation plotted according to weak hypercharge and weak isospin. Suggestive that the antiparticles are defined rather arbitrarily, and that the structure of idempotents of Clifford algebras (hypercubes) be used to model internal symmetries.

So having the understanding of what is necessary in the language development of latex, I am still far beneath those who I have linked in terms of that development. But, what ever the case, anything that can help, should not be so far beneath us that we ignore what had been found wanting in those who live the life as a scientist.

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