Realities of the Suppression of Present Moments

I thought I would pull the two comments I made in Backreactions thread,”Every Now and Then” to maintain the consistency, and direction the post was going. One called the “Socratic method” will become the subject of a new post. The other is listed below, and reference slides picked out to support statements made in blog post entry as well link to Joe Kapusta quote used to support contention, of what “Boltzman brain” and “the singularity” have in common.

At 12:40 PM, May 04, 2008, Blogger Plato said…

Realities of the Suppression of Present Moments

Of course I just finishing from having taken a look.

I found a place that I could actually upload it, and store it for a moment like this, since you last mentioned it. Mentioned again, I thought it important that I follow through. Surprise, surprise.

Rovellism’s almost sounds like rebellionism:)

See, even Lee has to create his mythical figures for consideration. Now, of course we now know what the motivations are for the” every now and then,” (a Boltzman brain in a configuration space) we can all now think “retrospect” of the lecture?

A Desitter phase space and temperature, signifying some heat death in the conscious unfoldment?

The comparative relation one may see in the singularity is what reality is asking of you when Joe Kapusta points out, “the idea of alien communications” in relation to the QGP?

The right spin for a neutrino superfluidCompiled by Steve Reucroft and John Swain, Northeastern University.

Kapusta points out that the condensation temperature would be well below the cosmic background temperature, so it would be quite a feat to make this superfluid. However, Kapusta also notes that a sufficiently advanced civilization might use pulses of neutrino superfluid for long-distance communications.

What is this world coming too?:)

Does Consciousness have it’s own “heat death?” We would comparatively like to think that when it’s done it’s done, then, what use to think all those other universes, while we contend with this one alone?

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