The Shock Doctrine

See:The Shock Doctrine

Shock and Awe are actions that create fears, dangers, and destruction that are incomprehensible to the people at large, specific elements/sectors of the threat society, or the leadership. Nature in the form of tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, uncontrolled fires, famine, and disease can engender Shock and Awe.Shock and Awe: Achieving Rapid Dominance, the military doctrine for the U.S. war on Iraq.1


I presented an earlier comment to set the stage for the understanding what happens when privatization takes hold of a country in terms of a commodity price fixing and how this is used against it’s citizens by charging amounts that are beyond families to support themself, based on the wages of that country. Water will be a issue too, along with the resources that are needed to help 300 million people.

If you seen the signs within your own country how shall you not know to what extent capitalism will try and gain a foothold and in an environment that is conducive to the business exercising it’s control of the population of another country, like the U.S. multinational Bechtel did?

At 12:22 PM, January 14, 2009, Blogger Plato said…

Sell the rain
How the privatization of water caused riots in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Connie Watson, CBC Radio | Feb. 4, 2003

In South America, private companies have taken over municipal water supplies in at least half a dozen countries, but there’s one city where the takeover didn’t go as planned.

In 1999, a consortium, controlled by U.S. multinational Bechtel, signed a 40-year deal to increase water supplies and services to Cochabamba, Bolivia. Six months later, rioting Bolivians chased the company out of the country.


I wonder if “a scientist” can distinguish and combat this ruse in a “new model of economic formation principles,” which actually represents all people?

Instead of knocking off it’s leaders and destabilizing governments to accomplish that transformation?

You can never realize the scope of the problem when you see Nafta? can have “reactions from forming,” then, a formation of the EU, then, talks to begin to unite both(scheduled appointment while Harper was being elected), while there are “counter formations” because of that.

EU to sends ships” to the fend off the Somalian pirates? What’s happening on the global scene?

Removing borders has to be seen in it’s true light first, then, what is thought to be individual “is more then one” in defending against an open right to exploit other countries resources under capitalistic freedoms.


See:Jeffrey Sachs makes a Case for Bigger Government

So early on I told someone that it was a time of reflection, that such a recession would spark people to take an accounting of their situations, and in that process new reformations were to take place. I was accused of fear mongering, by seeking to add to the idea of something that was coming regardless of my saying that such times are indeed times of reflection and an accounting goes on in the household.

It is not unlike the recession, to see implemented avenues that are part of the “current ruse” to make people aware that such processes were dealt with before, and that such accounting by Paulson was to institute things that were done, or not done in that time of 1929. IN this case it was mortgages that were frivolously given out to a system that was bound to fail because foreclosures. The process is one I am well aware of, and such example given as to CHMC housing insurances in Canada are a case in point to remember.


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  • ***

    Introduction-Blank is Beautiful: Three Decades of Erasing and Remaking the World1 Bud Edney, “Appendix A: Thoughts on Rapid Dominance,” in Harlan K. Ullman and James P. Wade, Shock and Awe: Achieving Rapid Dominance(Washington, DC: NDU Press Book, 1996, 110.

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