Cosmologically: Looking from the Inside Out

“We all are of the citizens of the Sky” Camille Flammarion

This picture is a copy of a “16 century woodcut” copied by Camille Flammarion in 1888.

The Flammarion woodcut. Flammarion’s caption translates to “A medieval missionary tells that he has found the point where heaven and Earth meet…”

It is one of those times that I shall try to explain myself as best I can in my views  in regard to the Universe.

You must know that through reformations that can change perspective,  is about our exchange with reality, and the way we interact with our environment. The experiment and the conclusion. A Inductive /Deductive approach to how we are trying to arrive at the truth.

So there is this continual dialogue with nature that defines each moment and over the long run, we can place ourselves in what ever confines we like “according to the limits of that truth”  how ever long we like to remain there.

The widely circulated woodcut of a man poking his head through the firmament of a flat Earth to view the mechanics of the spheres, executed in the style of the 16th century cannot be traced to an earlier source than Camille Flammarion’s L’Atmosphère: Météorologie Populaire (Paris, 1888, p. 163) [38]. The woodcut illustrates the statement in the text that a medieval missionary claimed that “he reached the horizon where the Earth and the heavens met”, an anecdote that may be traced back to Voltaire, but not to any known medieval source. In its original form, the woodcut included a decorative border that places it in the 19th century; in later publications, some claiming that the woodcut did, in fact, date to the 16th century, the border was removed. Flammarion, according to anecdotal evidence, had commissioned the woodcut himself. In any case, no source of the image earlier than Flammarion’s book is known.  See: Man Looking into Outer Space

Now of course, we see information as an entropic realization of how we relate to the universe, so this arrow of time issue becomes an important factor about what reveals the “Gossamer of a thread of thought” that was well established. I was just short of a certain amount of time as to thoughts forming while I tried to close in from my own perspective.

Scientists zero in on why time flows in one direction 

The question about the arrow of time has vexed physicists for a century because “for the most part the fundamental laws of physics don’t distinguish between past and future. They’re time-symmetric,” Carroll said.

And closely bound to the issue of time is the concept of entropy, a measure of disorder in the universe. As physicist Ludwig Boltzmann showed a century ago, entropy naturally increases with time. “You can turn an egg into an omelet, but not an omelet into an egg,” Carroll said.

So this is the starting point of what is espoused by the likes of Sean Carroll was a continued question in forming an opinion scientifically based that correlated in my own mind with the work of particulate research in particle physics.

I’m not going to bother. The dark matter hypothesis provides a simple and elegant fit to the Bullet Cluster, and for that matter fits a huge variety of other data. That doesn’t mean that it’s been proven within metaphysical certainty; but it does mean that there is a tremendous presumption that it is on the right track. The Bullet Cluster (and for that matter the microwave background) behave just as they should if there is dark matter, and not at all as you would expect if gravity were modified. Any theory of modified gravity must have the feature that essentially all of its predictions are exactly what dark matter would predict. So if you want to convince anyone to read your long and complicated paper arguing in favor of modified gravity, you have a barrier to overcome. These folks aren’t crackpots, but they still face the challenge laid out in the alternative science respectability checklist: “Understand, and make a good-faith effort to confront, the fundamental objections to your claims within established science.” Tell me right up front exactly how your theory explains how a force can point somewhere other than in the direction of its source, and why your theory miraculously reproduces all of the predictions of the dark matter idea (which is, at heart, extraordinarily simple: there is some collisionless non-relativistic particle with a certain density).See:Dark Matter: Still Existing

So again to me,  according to this arrow of time. While maintaining a global view we have about our universe. So it is clear again, the limitations of perspective has to do with physics information entropically displayed as to how the universe as a whole is describing itself for us, as we try to understand the LHC experiments. Natural events that are highlighted by experimentation.

It also requires us to understand that even while we are entropic in the state of the universe, there are local regions within the universe that contribute to the whole. This is in contradiction to an entropic realization of the universe as a arrow of time but in this view you have to consider that these events are part of the universe that can contribute too, while examining the status of the universe.

I hope there is enough here for now to form an understanding of the perspective that reveals what and how the universe came to be, and stands today according too, the science that CWAP maps for us and reveals my thinking involved.

Will write more later.

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