She Returns

Most readers of this blog who have been around for sometime will recognize some of the pictures of Wildlife that have appeared around our property over the last couple of years.

Well the lady is back again this year, and what makes this little lady’s visit a little extraordinary is that we had constructed a fence around our two acres, to stop the bears from coming in while we were outside, unaware.

If you count careful you will see three little ones

What also makes this unusual is two things. One, that the Mrs had left the front gate open for a satellite repair guy to help realign the dish to the proper coordinates, and that sometime during this,  momma and three of her cubs came to enter the area.

As our dog started to bark, and after the Mrs. had closed the front gate did she soon realize that the ruckus in the back was the mother bear and her three cubs. So while she had been outside, and while the satellite guy was working,  the trio and momma were in the vicinity without being noticed.

 I think two of the little ones take after Dad


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