It’s Final Endgame for GRAIL’s Twin Spacecraft

The mountain where the two spacecraft will make contact is located near a
crater named Goldschmidt. Both spacecraft have been flying in formation
around the moon since Jan. 1, 2012. They were named by elementary
school students in Bozeman, Mont., who won a contest. The first probe to
reach the moon, Ebb, also will be the first to go down, at 2:28:40 p.m.
PST. Flow will follow Ebb about 20 seconds later.
See: NASA Probes Prepare for Mission-Ending Moon Impact

GRAIL’s Final Resting Spot
These maps of Earth’s moon highlight the region where the twin
spacecraft of NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL)
mission will impact on Dec. 17, marking the end of its successful
endeavor to map the moon’s gravity. The two washing-machine-sized
spacecraft, named Ebb and Flow, will impact at an unnamed mountain near
the moon’s North Pole.

These maps are from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

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