QuVis: The University of St Andrews Quantum Mechanics Visualisation project

Of course I find visualizations always quite helpful and do appreciate the explanations that go with them. So just going through the post title listed site and find it very helpful. I am sure others will find this information helpful too.

written by Antje Kohnle 

 This is a collection of animations for the teaching of concepts in quantum mechanics. Each animation includes a step-by-step exploration that explains key points in detail, and most animations include password-protected instructor resources consisting of worksheets with solutions. These animations build on existing education research and the experience of the authors. Each animation specifically targets student misconceptions and areas of difficulty in quantum mechanics. Animations have been used and evaluated in several quantum mechanics courses. The topics covered include bound states in one and two dimensions, scattering states, perturbations, Fermi and Bose statistics, and quantum logic. The development of further animations and extension of site functionality are ongoing


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