Quantum Realism and Physical realism.

Experiments at RHIC and the LHC have complementary strengths in studying the quark-gluon plasma, a state of matter in which quarks come unbound. Image: Brookhaven National Laboratory. See also:
Experiments reveal new techniques in studying quark-gluon plasma

To an empiricist, reality means to make use of the sensory world and you have to be able to understand what rationality is to you. Rationality make uses of other ways in which to recognize that such pure states,  as they have been studied, help to see that such derivations do have a logical end.

In the form of the good,  there is no need to add anything else, but to wait and see how such pure states become an empiricists dream of reality. How does one divorce themselves of that other side of the reality of a quantum realism but to understand the physical realism is derived from that state? To understand a beautiful equation this understanding is necessary.

So what does it mean for an equation to be beautiful or elegant?


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