Emergence: A Point in Spacetime

We used to think that if we knew one, we knew two, because one and one are two. We are finding out that we must learn a great deal more about ‘and’.”
Sir Arthur Eddington (1882-1944)

Foundational perspectives are important to me, and are part and parcel of a larger frame of thinking that comes into materiality.

What basis then leads such thinking, that something could manifest from another place and become the material reality with which we deal? I know this is about “what is in the now,” yet such recognition of what is “chaotic and has complexity” now becomes an organizational pattern. What is “chaos theory?”

From the untold many constituents in the bulk perspective, “Higgin’s” has some new found ways in which he can express himself. He see’s new ways of travel in the universe?

What emergent properties would have such conditions and gatherings have on routing new universe from tunnelling found created within cosmological events? Which if reduced too, as QGP states of existance, would produce similar resulting anomalies encountered in superfluid state realities?

Since he is beyond what we are accustom too of the Standard model, then what value does Higgin’s play as he is born to the level with which he now embues all of creation. He is strong on “some points,” then others?

The Unfolding Universe

There is but one kind of entropy change. Entropy change is due to energy dispersal to, from, or within a system (as a function of temperature.), measured by microstate change: S = kB ln [microstates final / microstates initial ].

If you look to the arrow of time, and “the event from which it sprang,” how did such strings become the basis of thinking along this road to what exists in the universe today? It has been assign “a place” in this segment of the time’s growth within this universe, and we have been sent “back in time to the reductionsitic valuation” of what is seen in the colliders, to see what is emergent today. But what did they find at the beginning? What shall we find at “the beginning” of any universe?

What effect did strings have on this evolution?

The emergent universe

The breathtaking quality of emergence lies in its broad applicability, from ants to people, and from electrons to galaxies. We assume that we can sing and dance together because we are intelligent and coordinate our behavior, and so it is surprising to see the coordinated chirping of crickets, and shocking to discover that the same principles apply to mindless things such as water molecules arranging themselves in a crystalline structure to form ice. When you get enough things together, and they interact in just the right way, they suddenly shift to coherent behavior. Emergent principles may govern the smallest units of matter, as in electrons humming together within a superconductor, to the largest, as when entire galaxies clump into regular patterns. Scientists across multiple fields have found that such systems don’t require a central ringleader directing the way – their self-organization is inevitable, due to the local interactions of nearest neighbors.

Emergence represents a revolutionary paradigm shift away from reductionism (the understanding of the world through understanding the component parts. Scientists working within the revolutionary paradigm of emergence study the organizing principles causing collective behavior across many disciplines.

The EUP is focusing on the following types of emergent systems

A point in space implies that such emergence into the spacetime co-ordiantes, have some “other dimensional relation” beyond what we are saying of 3+1? So of course I am enthralled by such an emergence and what could come into these spacetime coordinates.

So the universe in it’s unfolding has certain attributes in it’s early phases that amount to the conditions Sean Carroll may sees of it? If this is the case, then that valuation of the universe, in it’s unfolding is doing what? It’s temperature?

If you “wrap the whole of what this arrow of time is, in a geomtrical sense,” then the strings and the time of the universe in “Sean’s perspective” is inclusive?

So how do we say such a crunch is to happen? How does such thinking become part of our reasoning, to say that the universe will collapase on itself, and become something new? Will it ever?

Tegmark does not take to such “topological expressions of the universe,” yet, if you look at the WMAP mapping of the universe what is it you see besides these points of expression, as some nodal and anti-nodal analogy to the cosmological events? Tunnels, through which we can travel? New energy, being distributed back into the universe, in the form of dark energy/matter?

We report results of the first strangelet search at RHIC. The measurement was done using a triggered data-set that sampled 61 million top 4% most central (head-on) Au+Au collisions at $\sNN= 200 $GeV in the very forward rapidity region at the STAR detector. Upper limits at a level of a few $10^{-6}$ to $10^{-7}$ per central Au+Au collision are set for strangelets with mass ${}^{>}_{\sim}30$ GeV/$c^{2}$.

If strangelets have been disproved then what “crazy thoughts” shall we now think of, in what constitutes the “new physics?” Tachyon condensation perhaps?

What is the “false vaccuum” to the “true,” when it is geometrically expressed? 🙂

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