No Extra Dimensions Yet?

Turning back to gravity, the extra-dimensions model stems from theoretical research into (mem)brane theories, the multidimensional successors to string theories (April 1999 p13). One remarkable property of these models is that they show that it is quite natural and consistent for electromagnetism, the weak force and the inter-quark force to be confined to a brane while gravity acts in a larger number of spatial dimensions.
The requirement of correctly reproducing Newton’s constant, G, at long distances leads to the size of the extra dimensions in which gravity is free to act being related to the number of extra dimensions.

New physics experience might reveal more dimensions in the Universe than meets the eyeSee Here

Amazing isn’t it that EOT-WASH GROUP would consider themselves as challenging the experimental basis of string theory thinking. If one did not see into the nature of that “dynamical world” what value would have ever been reached if there was no separation in the value of the “r distance?” No “varying energy valuation” in the strong force.

Fig. 1. In quantum chromodynamics, a confining flux tube forms between distant static charges. This leads to quark confinement – the potential energy between (in this case) a quark and an antiquark increases linearly with the distance between them.See Here.

If a “Q to Q” measure is considered and a “active consideration evident” in this exchange of a “r value,” then why would they think the gravitational considerations would not have ever made sense in the distances of extra dimensions of 44 micrometres or larger?

By increasing this distance, the gravitational considerations are very important in terms of the energy valuation given as the “q to q” is moved apart. The energy is directly relate to the gravitational considerations?


Discovering extra dimensions with the relatively huge size of a few micrometers would offer spectacular confirmation for string theory, the still unproved body of equations that may unify gravity with the normally incompatible realm of quantum physics. “Even though we haven’t seen anything, these results put boundaries on what people can legitimately propose,” says experimental physicist and study author Eric Adelberger of the University of Washington. “Testing the inverse square law [meaning Newton’s law of gravity] is the bombproof way to look for extra dimensions.

some physicists proposed that string theory might cause gravity to grow stronger at such distances if the universe came with relatively big extra dimensions of micrometers in width……Sundrum says that if extra dimensions failed to turn up at that distance, it would likely prune off that branch of string theory.

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