The Location of the Rooms

The theory of strings predicts that the universe might occupy one random “valley” out of a virtually infinite selection of valleys in a vast landscape of possibilities

Quantum Effect, however allow a manifold to change state abruptly at some point-to tunnel through the intervening ridge to a nearby lower valley.

By Raphael Bousso and Joseph Polchinski, Scientific America, Beyond Einstein, September 2004

What possibility exists if we did not see some resolve, as we examine the nature of what shall become the subject of these rooms? What is the significance of these locations then, that we shall appoint mountain places, and valleys abodes, that such thinking is reduced to something that comes out of statistical significance, and then materializes into the potential?

Another deep quantum mystery for
which physicists have no answer has to do with “tunnelling” — the bizarre ability of particles to sometimes penetrate impenetrable barriers. This effect is not only well demonstrated; it is the basis of tunnel diodes and similar devices vital to modern electronic systems.

Tunnelling is based on the fact that quantum theory is statistical in nature and deals with probabilities rather than specific predictions; there is no way to know in advance when a single radioactive atom will decay, for example.

The probabilistic nature of quantum events means that if a stream of particles encounters an obstacle, most of the particles will be stopped in their tracks but a few, conveyed by probability alone, will magically appear on the other side of the barrier. The process is called “tunnelling,” although the word in itself explains nothing.

Photograph by Clifford Johnson

While I used Mt Olympus previously, I thought, hey! why not use another individual’s picture for comparison. While these pictures become fixtures in mind, the rooms that we are going to visit are places that have certain potentials realized are conceptually defined for us as we enter.

Click on the picture for a further explanation

Now one must know is that like every culture of our historical past, it is important to take the myth and bring it down to earth for some comparative view. What place is this, if we had not journeyed to the valleys for consideration?

As a lay person following the debate on the issue of Finiteness in String Theory landscape was the point technically reached that I was referring too.

IN concert with Virtual Reality of the Ancients, I am going to bring the science back into the picture for a minute, so one understands that the developing views had not been without some basis of thought in my considerations.

The landscape became an important look at the relationship to the “topography of the energy” and hence, it’s relations that point too, the aspects I wish to create in these rooms. Now indeed, such configuration spaces talk about the potential that is realized when there are “consolidating factors” that reduce the potential understanding to the valleys.

It had to be philosophically sound, in that the comparative features assigned to metaphorical creations, would instill, and form the basis of that science, as well as, furthered information as a consequence in setting up the models for the production of these rooms.

The equations of string theory specify the arrangement of the manifold configuration, along with their associated branes (green) and lines of force known as flux lines (orange). The physics that is observed in the three large dimensions depends on the size and the structure of the manifold: how many doughnut-like “handles” it has, the length and circumference of each handle, the number and locations of its branes, and the number of flux lines wrapped around each doughnut.

Still within context of this given space, the relationship to a “space in the universe” does not discount that other probabilities exist, where these rooms are possible. It thusly creates an place closer to the “indecomposable element that we’ve assigned,” not only to the possibilities, but also what is injected into this space from beyond the confines of that room.


  • The landscape again and again
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    3 Responses to The Location of the Rooms

    1. Phil Warnell says:

      Hi Plato,You asked ” So what do you have in mind, now that you mention it? I hope I have made the proper corrections and clarified further?”What is central to this is to found in something else you quoted which is as follows:“the process is called “tunneling”, although the word itself explains nothing”The irony to this statement is that it leads one to believe that it has no explanation beyond what you describe as “probability” as it relates to standard QM. Yet it has been totally explained for more then 80 years with it being expanded and clarified by Prof. David Bohm in 1952. That explanation is called the DeBroglie/Bohm pilot wave theory or as it’s called today simply Bohmian Mechanics. One of the leading current experts and proponents of it is Prof. Sheldon Goldsteinof Rutgers University. In the synopsis he wrote for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy he stated the following: “It is perhaps worth mentioning that despite the empirical equivalence between Bohmian mechanics and orthodox quantum theory, there are a variety of experiments and experimental issues that don’t fit comfortably within the standard quantum formalism but are easily handled by Bohmian mechanics. Among these are dwell and tunneling times (Leavens 1996), escape times and escape positions (Daumer et al. 1997a), scattering theory (Dürr et al., 2000), and quantum chaos (Cushing 1994, Dürr et al., 1992a).”To just cut to the chase and also to invite you to explore this further, the crux of the solution is found in the determinism of this theory as it relates to “possibility” as opposed to “probability”. This then is consistent with the ideas of Aristotle and Plato, as chance serves to be nothing other then an incidental cause and relies on the existence of a realm of the “possible” and not one of the “probable”. By the way your mappings of hills and valleys are quite close to this vision as it represents the “wave” as one element of reality in the Bohmian view. All that remains to be added are the particles and the dynamics that exist in the wave that are relayed to or reacted to by the particles. The mystery does not exist only the ignorance and for some the truth of it being so.Best,Phil P.S. Just as a side note my mentor in all this and other things was Dr. Douglas Hemmick, to which I give thanks and credit for much of what I understand and no blame at all for what I still fail to.

    2. Plato says:

      Hi Phil,To just cut to the chase and also to invite you to explore this further, the crux of the solution is found in the determinism of this theory as it relates to “possibility” as opposed to “probability”.I have been looking at this, Phil. Just wanted you to know.

    3. PlatoHagel says:

      Hi Phil,To just cut to the chase and also to invite you to explore this further, the crux of the solution is found in the determinism of this theory as it relates to “possibility” as opposed to “probability”.I have been looking at this, Phil. Just wanted you to know.

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