The "Dark Night" of the Soul

‘Tis yours a Bacon or a Locke to blame,
A Newton’s genius, or a Milton’s flame:
But oh! with One, immortal one dispense;
The source of Newton’s Light, of Bacon’s Sense.

(Dunciad, III, 215-18)


I would write this for those “young souls” who are “questing to a wider vision of the scope of life abound around us,” not to loose sight of the qualities that allow “brightness” to invade a very closed off environment. Some minds retreat under a compaction of depressed hopes. Gravity sucks.:) Colours define this emotive content and intellectual struggle.

At 2:19 PM, September 10, 2008, Blogger Plato said…

Modern day Alchemist Sir Isaac Newton: Every Dark Knight has to have it’s Joker?

The institution then sees itself as a creative outlet not seen less then all the hopes and frustrations of it’s heroes combating it’s villains. Perceived or not, as some “subjective question” of what should be garnered to scientists alone.

Let me give you something to think about while I play with the thoughts of those whose thinking in such imaginations, could not have transcended their situations, to think about what arises as a “Phoenix from the ashes.” As a “winged bird” ascends into a new day, and a new light.

Michael Maier, Atalanta Fugiens, Franfort 1617

It is an example then of how interpretive and flexible one can be, while they know that the mathematics underlying concepts have a distillery function that we all endear, so that there is no illusiveness to the manufacture term or word, that is less then rightly placed, for fear of bringing down the walls of science. Reducing the “clearness” with which we “may not want a religion to integrate with science.”

Decay is then a process, no less fitting that we see it’s evidence in how might track particles. The outlay of the effects in some calorimetric system of consideration does not limit the perspective with which you see in the cosmos. It has it’s effects there too.

We place our measure above the earth’s filter, to see that what is ejected from situation of geometrical propensities can have it’s decay too. How smart and clever to think that such motivations would have been inclined to forces that have a description to it other then the natural pictures one would like to see?

This requires a flexibility in that geometric sense that while a departure for some from the undertsnding of it’s relation to the natural world, remains a fixed abstraction, worthy of none attention, other then to speak in tongues of a scientist?

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