Update on Home

The home is accumulative attempt to incorporate some of the ideas of “less dependency” on natural gas and safeguards when we loose power. Over the years it has always been the effort to see if we could not free ourselves of the cost of shelter and home, that while becoming free at different times does incur cost now. We will focus on quickly to make sure we can live being close to retirement.

This place I have dubbed the Library. I am in the process of finishing it inside. It will be the place for all my books paintings and computer equipment for the work that I do now.

This little building is approximately 12 feet by 12. It was the first building on this property before anything else to accommodate power telephone satellite and to be a quick hook-up for our trailer we lived in for seven months.

It has always been the idea that it would become my place for the writing that I do. Also being evicted from the grand children’s room, to make way for more things for them, my misses has order me out.:) Naw, it was time, that coming to an end of the work to be done, I can finally find a space that is conducive to my aspirations for further writing.

Much will come from here in the future, under a new Blog I am thinking about.

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