The Universe and the World in Landscape

Photograph by Clifford Johnson

Sometimes it is important to be able to see in the context that mountains can hold for other people. These people are living in a world “a little perceptibly” different then our own. So what do I mean by this?

First off, where is this picture taken? Some of us will never know, or, we might come across something that will trigger a recognition. Few of us lay people will ever visit or travel too that place in Aspen, for the reasons such a gathering will take place. Those of his specific profession may pilgrimage there every year, or maybe, not at all.

So let me say that before I ever met the “notion of the landscape” here, I had my own values about the nature of the world I live in. The mountains, through my own studies were sacred places that I had come to recognize through my journeys into the Native American beliefs. I recognized these mountains through recognition of my own religious up bringing. Through Myth.

Not that I shall influence the nature of those mountains by my beliefs, but one should know, that I have my own pictures that I had worked with to help me along. These relate to Clifford’s picture, and relate to how I see the universe myself. Clifford does not know me, nor is there any friendship. I am a interloper gathering information.:)


Maybe you have your own picture that you can use to illustrate what is being implied here? This is the unfortunate thing about being the lay person, and working from the information we read and attempt to put it together in our own minds. It is right? Just trying to make sense of it. It may seem like noise to the profession, but it is by all standards “a birth of an approximation.”

While such walks may impart certain feelings within individuals, I can’t help but see this symbolism transferred to a “higher mental abstraction” that once engaged “in a mathematics of kind” would proclaim itself as a “perspective over the world” before them. As they stand on that mountain top.

This then that mountain top is the “initial state.” Birth by Approximation. From this perspective, the universe came into being. Down there in the valleys “is” the universe in expression. Down there, is the Earth.


If only I was a painter…..what would this perception of mine look like? I could not help but point out that part of understanding the nature of the expression of the landscape is to see it from the author/painter’s perspective. How shall one translate to verbal expressions an understanding which shall leave no doubt as to it’s substance. It’s nature in the world of expression. The use of my words and colours?

Travel then into the past, and look at the link.



  • The Location of the Rooms
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