Black Bear Pays us a Visit

It was about six o’clock in the morning when I woke up, walked down the hallway to turn on a our water for heating and drinking for our morning coffee. Walking over to our kitchen window I looked out and under some of our larger fir trees I notice this gaffer reaching for bird seed that had been place in the feeder for our bird population that we like to watch.

He’d already been doing some walking around when we snap these pictures. Unfortunately a lot of them were fuzzy trying to take them through our picture windows.

When we had taken our three granddaughters for a sleep over after getting off my work shift, my son had left us a pamphlet in our door unbeknownst to us about the bear population and things that we should be doing to a least keep the bears away. One was keeping the garbage in the garage, as well as “not putting out bird feeders.”

That is outside our patio window in our dining room. Some of you might have remembered our “earlier visitor last year” who had thought to check inside to see what was happening while my wife stood around the corner to snap the picture. Quite the contrast between this black bear and the one last year.

Well, my wife now brings in her feeders during the night now, and places them out during the day. My son was worried about the girls and the bears out here, so as with these other two things that should be done, we had also from “early spring to now” been clearing out the under brush so we can see who’s coming, which helps to alert us. Our two dogs help to keep them away as well. At night we bring them in as well.

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2 Responses to Black Bear Pays us a Visit

  1. Phil Warnell says:

    Hi Plato,It appears the bear you show here is quite brazen and seemingly unafraid. Although I must admit I to like our fellow creatures of the more natural world, a fear of our kind is essential to maintain if only it be an illusion. That is most creatures are territorial in nature, including most of our own and this bear seems to have decided your property is part of his and not yours. Unfortunately this lack of fear in the bear can prove to be more dangerous for them then you in the end. So beyond simple precautions something more aggressive unfortunately may be required to convince this one differently. Please take care my friend.Best,Phil.

  2. Plato says:

    Hi Phil,Yes thanks about words of safety.On the 16th the bear was back and sat and watched my wife. The feeders are now staying in the garage all the time now.It was sad to learn our Cinnamon from last year was walking around here as well. Our neighbor reported on tot 16th to us as well. Their children have whistles that they blow when they are seen, and the dogs when we are out working are keeping them at bay.I am afraid I might have to have them taken care off as you indicate.Best,

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