What Does Information Mean in Science?

Only time will tell if Einstein was correct when he said, “But the creative principle resides in mathematics. In a certain sense, therefore, I hold it true that pure thought can grasp reality, as the ancients dreamed.”

The March 29 burst changes everything,” said co-author Dr. Stan Woosley, University of California, Santa Cruz. Just as the Rosetta stone helped us understand a lost, ancient language, this burst will serve as a tool to decode gamma-ray bursts. It’s now known for certain that at least some gamma-ray bursts are produced when black holes, or perhaps very unusual neutron stars, are born inside massive stars, according to the team.

Most certainly it is not without scientific value that I would say that all means to measure information, has to have a “simplistic modality” with which science garners it’s view about and is correlative too. So in this sense, this program although dating back too, December of 2007, it’s values are still retained.

So with this regard to the article and program below, information was an entropic realization in the expression of this universe. What are the constituents that form the state of the universe?

I enjoyed the humor as it manifested with this group of people. If anything is to help one remember the context of this information it always seems to be deeper entrench in memory if it can be light hearted and funny, as I found this hour and half to be.

WATERLOO, ON, December 17, 2007A recent panel discussion about ‘The Physics of Information’ from Canada’s Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (PI), will air across Canada on CBC’s ‘Quirks and Quarks’ radio program. The Public Lecture will be broadcast via CBC Radio One on Saturday, January 5th from 12:06 to 1:00pm.

The program includes four top scientists who gathered in Waterloo, Ontario, in early December to hold a discussion for general audiences about the very essence of information and how this might inspire fruitful new approaches to some of the hardest problems in modern physics. Over 600 people attended to learn how a greater appreciation of information relates to the paradoxes of quantum mechanics, the beginning of the universe and our understanding of black holes.  The insights were surprising, enlightening and even controversial.See: The Physics of Information: From Entanglement to Black Holes


Now also, within this context, if one were to think of the ? and where all four forces joined, then what said this state prior too, cannot be allotted to the energy “before compartmentalization.”  Is this not how us humans crystallize the way in which we experience this reality? That at birth, and with some now, such centering, in weighting the sensory categories,  help to define what existed scientifically as a concept of what begins, begins as it did in the beginning of this universe.

This perspective may be confusing for some, but until you see emotive values expressed as artistic renditions that are evoked by Kandinsky as he did in his artwork, or, others who evoke this “cross wiring” as to how sounds and color associate, then how is it what gathered in the human perspective to allot reality the way it is? A “sensory adaptation” to methods to which we define aspects of the reality and seek to embed methods to which we measure that reality.

Wassily Kandinsky-Yellow, Red, Blue
1925; Oil on canvas, 127x200cm; Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris

September 18, 2009–January 13, 2010Pioneer of abstract art and eminent aesthetic theorist, Vasily Kandinsky (b. 1866, Moscow; d. 1944, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France) broke new ground in painting in the first decades of the twentieth century. His seminal pre–World War I treatise Über das Geistige in der Kunst (On the Spiritual in Art), published in Munich in December 1911, lays out his program for developing an art independent of one’s observations of the external world. In this and other texts, as well as his art, Kandinsky strove to use abstraction to give painting the freedom from nature that he admired in music. His discovery of a new subject matter based solely on the artist’s “inner necessity” occupied him throughout his life.


The term “Composition” can imply a metaphor with music. Kandinsky was fascinated by music’s emotional power. Because music expresses itself through sound and time, it allows the listener a freedom of imagination, interpretation, and emotional response that is not based on the literal or the descriptive, but rather on the abstract quality that painting, still dependent on representing the visible world, could not provide.

So it is a question then in mind that what began in the very beginning of this universe, also is closely related to what and how we began as we evolved toward the manifestation from another pre-existing state headed toward materialization in the bodily functions, according to this evolution, are standard in expression.

Credit: Weiqun Zhang and Stan Woosley

This image is from a computer simulation of the beginning of a gamma-ray burst. Here we see the jet 9 seconds after its creation at the center of a Wolf Rayet star by the newly formed, accreting black hole within. The jet is now just erupting through the surface of the Wolf Rayet star, which has a radius comparable to that of the sun. Blue represents regions of low mass concentration, red is denser, and yellow denser still. Note the blue and red striations behind the head of the jet. These are bounded by internal shocks.

Human after all, yet capable of experiencing the reality and factoring all measure of, as a truth verification for all that arrive here. An” internal recognition”  of an “outward expression into reality.” If one cannot follow the sequence of evens here,  then how is it we can ever ask what begins anew, that the jets them self emit actionable qualities for the new reality? Pushes back time to some beginning. These attributes are measurable quantities that are signaled by,  and are represented in the valuations portrayed on the tscans.

Credit: Super-Kamiokande/Tomasz Barszczak Three (or more?) Cerenkov rings

Multiple rings of Cerenkov light brighten up this display of an event found in the Super-Kamiokande – neutrino detector in Japan. The pattern of rings – produced when electrically charged particles travel faster through the water in the detector than light does – is similar to the result if a proton had decayed into a positron and a neutral pion. The pion would decay immediately to two gamma-ray photons that would produce fuzzy rings, while the positron would shoot off in the opposite direction to produce a clearer ring. Such kinds of decay have been predicted by “grand unified theories” that link three of nature’s fundamental forces – the strong, weak and electromagnetic forces. However, there is so far no evidence for such decays; this event, for example, did not stand up to closer scrutiny.

See:Picture of the Week

So we use measurable methods in which to calculate time in the milliseconds when at that time such expressions amounts too, and exhibits,  all of the fundamental forces and the methods to their expressions.

Supernova Starting Gun: Neutrinos

…..Next they independently estimated how the hypothetical neutrinos would be picked up in a detector as massive as Super-Kamiokande in Japan, which contains 50,000 tons of water. The detector would only see a small fraction of the neutrinos. So the team outlined a method for matching the observed neutrinos to the supernova’s expected luminosity curve to figure out the moment in time–to within about 10 milliseconds–when the sputtering star would have begun emitting neutrinos. In their supernova model, the bounce, the time of the first gravitational waves, occurs about 5 milliseconds before neutrino emission. So looking back at their data, gravitational wave hunters should focus on that point in time.

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