Gravitons and Topoi if an illusion, then Where’s the Truth?

Useful as it is under everyday circumstances to say that the world exists “out there” independent of us, that view can no longer be upheld. There is a strange sense in which this is a “participating universe” Wheeler (1983).

Taken from-Valuations in the language of Topos theory

It is always that the representative language current, as it’s written, requires some deeper look behind the obvious, a look behind the illusion, to have it contend with the objectification of,  how one can see the truth.

It’s a bit like a romantic relationship,” says Christopher Isham, describing his collaboration with Andreas Döring. Certainly the two physicists can claim to share their own unique understanding of the world, as many in love do. Together they are proposing a radical new way to view reality—one that takes you into a new “mathematical universe” where notions of “truth” and “falsehood” no longer apply, but where the paradoxes of quantum mechanics suddenly make sense. True Lies: Why Mathematics is an Illusion

Such a graduation which leads one to understand the structure of a 5d world only makes more sense when you combine what you see exists behind the geometric revelations of the real world, to see it apply to some underlying feature of the way the world works in those valleys. How “time variable measures” can be used to describe the landscape of the earth/moonscape’s elements in a way not considered before.

Location of the reflector landing sites

Hubble Reveals Potential Titanium Oxide Deposits at Aristarchus and Schroter’s Valley Rille

Further to this understanding of pathways through space,  require a firm understanding of how one can perceive the fabric of spacetime and the impression the earth leaves in it(just for demonstrative purposes to understand how indentation can be used in the understanding of the fabric).  To have satellites travel by the planets, to be propelled onto different routes of travel, or, to be held in stationary orbits around. L1 to L5 positions of the three body problem relation help again to orientate how we see the nature of space-time as it structurally allows us to see in these abstract ways . Its as if you look at the space provide and understand that variation in gravity can be understood in a “three dimensional space” given by the universe.

Georgi Dvali

“This is the crucial difference between the dark energy and modified gravity hypothesis, since, by the former, no observable deviation is predicted at short distances,” Dvali says. “Virtual gravitons exploit every possible route between the objects, and the leakage opens up a huge number of multidimensional detours, which bring about a change in the law of gravity.

Dvali adds that the impact of modified gravity is able to be tested by experiments other than the large distance cosmological observations. One example is the Lunar Laser Ranging experiment that monitors the lunar orbit with an extraordinary precision by shooting the lasers to the moon and detecting the reflected beam. The beam is reflected by retro-reflecting mirrors originally placed on the lunar surface by the astronauts of the Apollo 11 mission.

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