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Web Semantics: Google Books Culturomics

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“Just as petrified fossils tell us about the evolution of life on earth, the words written in books narrate the history of humanity. They words tell a story, not just through the sentences they form, but in how often they occur. Uncovering those tales isn’t easy – you’d need to convert books into a digital format so that their text can be analysed and compared. And you’d need to do that for millions of books.

“Fortunately, that’s exactly what Google have been doing since 2004. Together with over 40 university libraries, the internet titan has thus far scanned over 15 million books, creating a massive electronic library that represents 12% of all the books ever published. All the while, a team from Harvard University, led by Jean-Baptiste Michel and Erez Lieberman Aiden have been analysing the flood of data.See:Beyond The Beyond Just another WordPress weblog

No Wikipedia entry on Culturomics so it makes it difficult to piece together the inception other then to follow the originators algorithm to it’s beginnings and go from there?

We constructed a corpus of digitized texts containing about 4% of all books ever printed. Analysis of this corpus enables us to investigate cultural trends quantitatively. We survey the vast terrain of “culturomics”, focusing on linguistic and cultural phenomena that were reflected in the English language between 1800 and 2000. We show how this approach can provide insights about fields as diverse as lexicography, the evolution of grammar, collective memory, the adoption of technology, the pursuit of fame, censorship, and historical epidemiology. “Culturomics” extends the boundaries of rigorous quantitative inquiry to a wide array of new phenomena spanning the social sciences and the humanities. Quantitative Analysis of Culture Using Millions of Digitized Books

With “trajectories” in mind, what purpose the environment with which controls are placed to consider, an aspect of a book,  as it has been measured over a series of times according to how similarity has been collected according to the timing that had occurred in relevance to the years it has been used?

Artistic renditions,  like Dali in his Crucifixion taken to the decic> “Nth degree”, was a geometrical signature of what could be “raised from his thinking mind” about the beyond?

Something beyond the boundaries of that thinking as a matter of speaking. A formatted aspect of the gravity of that wording to detail all that process is contained to that environment alone. No something happens to the way you are contained in that thinking even though they say there are tight controls scientifically?

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