String Theory and the Real World

To be sure, the majority of research into string theory is not focused on how the theory connects to the real world; rather, most physicists are exploring questions at a more theoretical level. Such formal work is necessary, because as noted above, we need a deeper understanding to fully formulate the theory. Even the many theorists who are interested in how string theory connects to the real world don’t typically think much about what it means to test the theory. Fortunately, an increasingly active group of “string phenomenologists” are focusing on formulating a string-based description of the world and testing that understanding. They are already making testable predictions, and will increasingly do so.String Theory and the Real World by Gordon Kane

I am one of those laymen besieged by the possibilities of wrong assumptions, even though I have been following this subject for many years now.

So,  given the understanding that this could be the case of course one should defer to the article in question, so as to get it from the mouth of an expert, then, to settle on not what I believe, as I have witnessed  many believed,  following the crowd of “so and so,”  as to having been undermined by a rhetoric that did String Theory little justice to the views that it would bestowed upon the world from that theoretical position.

I mean in regards to “that point” though,  isn’t it that if you can see the issues in a different light,  it harbors the potential to seeing the whole subject of the science in a way that would  forge new pathways in neurological development that few had traveled and nurtured. So yes,  setting the framework does this by illuminating corners of thought, not had been given those freedoms to roam, is based on a foundation and supported thinking from that a theoretical position.

Orientation of Perspective

So yes you have to look at this according to the way in which one might approach using string theory as a “point of view” such as emergence arising in the matter of perspectives, as a final result to it’s meaning? So, if you see me deluded, then how much more so of you, if such conclusion as a derivative of your thinking, is based on “consensus alone from a crowd speaking” and not from a perspective of such orientation, that one’s spouting such ills toward, could have amount to a superficial excursionist comment without any meaning at all.

So it is the effort on my part, and has always been,  to see if such perspective could be engaged by  a perspective that could take me to a point of origins, that such thoughts are so as to see it’s explanation  laid out in the image above. Not just of a point in space, as a part of a flowery representation of that point, but of one that can contain the potentials as a description of the world according to deep immersion of thinking and probing of that point.

So the cosmological expression is wrapped not only in the cosmological view of the universe,  but of the nature of the expression of the energy that manifests as particulate expressions of that energy. The entropic realization of a final state of expression about which such matters are inherent definitions of the way things are in our world.

Commonality of Expression

So comparative understanding of such theoretical development needs not only to be seen in the light of “high energy considerations” as  has been explained by Gordon Kane,  but for the phenomenological approach to determinations,  as expression of such abstract thought as having a place in the real world of matter defined things.

You write your mathematical descriptions of the world and see them in relation too? Why not use this perspective about the “expression of things”  projected toward as a evolution of things from “inside ourselves,” as breaking the barrier of subtle expressions as finite things( our actions)?

That is it’s potential you see,  “a point about which,”  I have reiterated over and over again about the possibilities as potentials as a standard in measure,  rigorous in it’s implications,  and repeatable in it’s determination as “recognizable in our actions” as such commonality of expression.  Demonstrative of approach,  toward the science of things.

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