What is a Higgs Boson? Lepton fizz?

Fermilab scientist Don Lincoln describes the nature of the Higgs boson. Several large experimental groups are hot on the trail of this elusive subatomic particle which is thought to explain the origins of particle mass

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A search for excited leptons is carried out with the CMS detector at the LHC, using
36 pb��1 of pp collision data recorded at ps = 7 TeV. The search is performed for associated
production of a lepton and an oppositely charged excited lepton pp ! “ ,
followed by the decay ` ! `g, resulting in the “g final state, where ` = e, m. No
excess of events above the standard model expectation is observed. Interpreting the
findings in the context of ` production through four-fermion contact interactions and
subsequent decay via electroweak processes, first upper limits are reported for ` production
at this collision energy. The exclusion region in the compositeness scale L and
excited lepton mass M` parameter space is extended beyond previously established
limits. For L = M` , excited lepton masses are excluded below 1070 GeV/c2 for e
and 1090 GeV/c2 for m at the 95% confidence level.
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