Thoughts on the Filter Bubble

 What got me thinking. This was part of a  comment to a post I read this morning. This was the catalyst for it’s construction. I do not think I supply any answers but just make one more aware of their surroundings.

Matt:”It would appear, from the above comments, that almost the only people willing to comment on this topic are those who agree with me to a greater or lesser extent. Which might also mean that the only people reading this blog are those who agree with me. That is quite disappointing, but perhaps not entirely surprising in this deeply fragmented era.”

I am not quite sure what you are after. You yourself are a product of the internet?:) Thoughts on the Filter Bubble –

While I cannot be specific as to why there are not more responses from those regarding your article here,  the chart “upworthy- ” has established and demonstrates as you can see that maybe your article is 0.1% of interest to some people?

So your response while focused here on this question of yours holds thoughts about the “deeply fragmented era.” It is an informational world and quite vast. Scientists operate as only 3% of the population so while specific to the population only a portion of that population as a small amount might be interested?

Some of us who are looking to discover the deepest secrets about our capabilities as human beings are now exposed to the technology that places us in packages for  inspection. Algorithmically design computer processes that track our progress?  No,  you are not being paranoid.

Individualistic as we are in our pursuit maybe we should start a blog or something to specifically detail the areas of interest that we are after?  Then people will choose.

We can’t change all that. But we believe the things that matter in the world don’t have to be boring and guilt-inducing. And the addictive stuff we love doesn’t have to be completely substanceless. Our core message is: See: Upworthy

So how do you filter out stuff that only you want in regards to that 0.1% of stuff that actually matters to you? No not what somebody else chooses for you, but research that is specific to what you are after.

Some of us care about science and the current issues being put out their today and how much is it of a journalistic fervor for all the trappings that make up the internet. For sure, the wide world of the electronic media is a new place for business. A place for disseminating information about our governments and the political ideological ideals. Sharing?

Every year, thousands of entrepreneurs, change-makers, innovators and scientists gather in Long Beach, California for TED, the world’s leading thought conference. In 2011, the audience included executives from Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and many other Silicon Valley startups. So when Eli Pariser explained the filter bubble concept and then called on them from the main stage to change how they do business, it wasn’t at all clear how they’d react. Watch the video to see what happened:See:The Filter Bubble


 From an earlier posting and a repeat here about what rights we have have been undermined by governments as to our privacy? So the question is, how long before DuckDuckGo disappears?


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3 Responses to Thoughts on the Filter Bubble

  1. Ulla says:

    Hi,I took the freedom to use your neural connection post. Interesting pic.

  2. Plato Hagel says:

    Hi Ulla,You may use anything that you see of interest or require that may be of help or benefit to you or you feel to others.Zone-ReflexBest,

  3. PlatoHagel says:

    Hi Ulla,You may use anything that you see of interest or require that may be of help or benefit to you or you feel to others.Zone-ReflexBest,

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