The Heart Connection

If the heart was free from the impurities of sin, and therefore lighter than the feather, then the dead person could enter the eternal afterlife.

Many times we talk about the heart as a physical thing that exists within our bodies. That to supplant it with  mechanical means that the person is some how still whole. But it is more then that for me. The individual in terms of the way in which we as human beings send messages through out our bodies, is as quick as the thought in experience,  can encapsulate our emotions and remembrance “as a tool” is a messenger?

So it is more then the physical aspect of it that is of some importance in my thinking,  that we use it to measure the emotive quality of our being.  To transfer the baser question of our ancient self,  to a more transient capacity of the heart in mind?

It is understood then that the heart is more the connection between the lower reactive part of our being  and the mind with which intellectually we like to deal with the world. So you say you are quite smart but really without this emotive understanding of our being you really are no smarter, but more a reactive ancient product of the evolution just on an animal scale absent of that heart in mind?

So I should clarify more with what I am saying about the idea.  I throw out such thoughts into society.  Somehow having them know what I am talking about. I listed a new label as Heart at the bottom of this post so maybe that will help if you are interested on what thoughts I may have about this heart connection.

So I am going to add some words that may have no comprehension to you. How we change from day to day is how we learn more which helps us to see reality in different ways. Not so localized in the event of your observation that you loose sight of the larger reality? Larger reality?

Ah, so you have collapse the wave theory? So ya, its all data….. lets not be picky:) The realization is, “the measure.” That is why I say certain scientists practise “in measure” and VR. An inevitable consequence of applying science in the virtual way.

If I ask you who the objectifier is in the case of your acceptance of NPMR(Non Physical Matter Reality) then who is it that has decided that this experience will have been the result of accepted data?

As a receiver of the data, whether you are aware of it or not, you pick up this information and translate it for an “anticipated future?” How is it you can reason without “not using” the creative imagination here so as to discern the path in life is a consequential and selective one based on the criteria of the life you live now?
How do you imbue memory with out not making an impression with the use of the emotive element of your being in any moment?

The creative imagination then is a predictive feature of how we select events within the anticipated future? For all concerned this is an objectified reality for you(who?) whether it may be deemed subjective or not, as an acceptance of the data we process at a much higher level of observation.

You(who?) already have calculated this and this already exists within the potential of our acceptance. How else could any course of action have been reasoned? This higher function within the context of the subconscious is much more aware of the conditions that exist in the objectified reality as you(who?) see the subtle much clearer then you(everyday life) would by recognizing any dealing in the objectified condense feature? The containment of experience relegates a “kind of gravity” toward the understanding of that which is to aggregate too, is with an emotive realization.

So I would say the objectified understanding and usage of the creative is much more developed in each of us, to be able to see from the perspective of realizing undercurrents that exist in society. What is the current of the individual on mass as the larger collective gathering of the belief?

If you do not practise the understanding of the emotive elements of experience then you will not recognize how you send things to the lived past. I would say then that your EQ is much more important then your IQ. Why I discount your “only intellectual reasoning” as prevalent.

Mr. JOHN A. R. NEWLANDS read a paper entitled “The Law of Octaves, and the Causes of Numerical Relations among the Atomic Weights.”[41] The author claims the discovery of a law according to which the elements analogous in their properties exhibit peculiar relationships, similar to those subsisting in music between a note and its octave. Starting from the atomic weights on Cannizzarro’s [sic] system, the author arranges the known elements in order of succession, beginning with the lowest atomic weight (hydrogen) and ending with thorium (=231.5); placing, however, nickel and cobalt, platinum and iridium, cerium and lanthanum, &c., in positions of absolute equality or in the same line. The fifty-six elements[42] so arranged are said to form the compass of eight octaves, and the author finds that chlorine, bromine, iodine, and fluorine are thus brought into the same line, or occupy corresponding places in his scale. Nitrogen and phosphorus, oxygen and sulphur, &c., are also considered as forming true octaves. The author’s supposition will be exemplified in Table II., shown to the meeting, and here subjoined:–See Also: Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev: The Law of Octaves

For you, since you mentioned Gurdieff and Ouspensky, how does one translate the octaves(Look at the table of elements and Seaborg) is the realization of harmonic empathetic resonance in other things? You have to be able to translate experience? When is it that you are locked in your own frame of reference and how the objectified selection would be to see this experience from another and higher perspective? Is self remembering “a place of equilibrium?” If the flow of information is unimpeded, move from “the birth of a new universe” from the one previous, how is that done?

You come back to this life “unaware” but you had already set the course of action in the acceptance of reliving life all over again? Why unaware? Imagine then, you set your body of the NPMR within the objectified concrete reality of where you are at now. It is of consequence then that you loose sight of the larger perspective. Emotively we live this way all the time, unaware of the larger perspective. Emotional experience(gravity of the situation) limits that understanding of the larger view because it becomes the lived past?

You have to “inside” transform the baser emotion from “the four square” to the triangle? In ancient time, the process of four square was an arrangement of astrological process of the Plato’s elements. Quintessence comes later? Since I am not an alchemist I would say the understanding is that any baser emotion has to go through this transformation in order to reach Quintessence?

Hence once this change( our acceptance and our responsibility of being and its never emotively over) takes place, our understanding then is that the experience in reality “is a frame of reference?”

I had placed this in terms of the Socratic development later, but you might also then see some correspondence toward how experience is based on the emotive hierarchical understanding of placement on that triangle. What does the “tip” represent?

This then is the transition too, “the heart” in mind.:) How does one then “raise the octave?” The heart then becomes a very important location between the lower and higher centres? This does not say we overcome “the emotive struggle” because it is forever the emotive struggle toward perfecting. Toward reasoning in a “higher emotive mind.”

I will say I was able to identify some correlation to “predictive outcomes by chance” by looking at the I CHING constructive formation. Trigrams and hexagrams as constituents of a the formative experience of an ancient way of thinking. You always had to have “the question in mind” for an outcome to have materialize in chance parameters of how outcome was constructed, as a choice of direction? Yarrow sticks, or, roll the dice.

 Explain logic in the simplest terms possible  as the ‘aha moment.’
 It is placed as a philosophical question of how can we simplify that transference….but in context of VR and in measure how can you measure your intuition and recognize the truth in the most simplest of statements?

Your aha is a immediate recognition of the greater potential as it all comes together in your mind in a split second? There is no possible way to measure that in any VR way?

Unless, you believe it is the synapse with which such potentials allow information into your brain. You know I mean more then just the matter aspect of the thinking potential. The complete grokking of the subject at hand.

So the synapse is a portal of a kind in terms of your connection to a vast reservoir of information? If you stand at the portal, and have access to all information, how big is your memory that you can draw from experience? If you are standing “at the portal” then it is about your last question asked. Who is the questioner/observer but to have realized you are an accumulation of the information you have assimilated in life? It is more then the question itself if you understand what I am saying. It is more then a question mark appearing at the end of the sentence.

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