Sensor Developments for Human Condition

Philip Low presents a new use of EEG to understand our brains and potential disease.

NeuroVigil, Inc. is dedicated to the betterment of the human condition. By merging neuroscience, non-invasive wireless brain recording technology and advanced computational algorithms, an accurate and automated reading of brain wave data is rapidly generated. This information is being used to assist with the diagnosis and treatment of a myriad of medical conditions. The Company successfully went to market in 2009. See: NeuroVigilMission Statement

It is with some interest as we developed the technologies with regard to technical methods  of bodily sensors ( bio-feedback) I foresee a vast burst in development of methods that might be synced with the computer technologies. These are  to provide for psychological and recognizable means to teach people and children to identify the markers that provide for the most efficient transfer of information, in our daily activities. Methods which might help us to recognize how psychological makeup can be recognized in the data transfers to describe states.

It was with some interest to me that I was exploring the emotive functions of human beings in our psychological makeup.  It was important to me  to be able to quiet emotions that would well up inside me.

So it was important back in the seventies that what I wanted to find was a method that was more advanced then what I had seen and read about with regard to meditation. Visiting my local doctor then, it just so happen he was dong research at the time into methods to help patients to be able to find effective solutions while using physical markers of the body. At that time,  the methods used were a thermometer and measuring pulse rate,  before and after entering this quiet state.

It was with some interest back then that I was also exploring the bio-feed back subject as it pertained to the development of sensors. This was so as to replicate this physical function in a measured process,  other then the methods I had physically been using. It was through “game development” over the years I saw significant value to using it to lower one’s heart rate and body temperature in order to see cursor movements as controllable. Controllable by the mind having reach specific temperature and pulse rate level that would allow the cursor to move.

This was the natural process of computerized technologies then. This was happening at all levels of society in the transference of newer technologies. At the time I was also involved in still am in “process controls” using those same physical measures(flows in a manufacturer process). So this method was of the times by way of the adaptations that many people would go through. The physical intensive regimes that many have  worked turned into the trends in the industries that we are involved in one form or another today.

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2 Responses to Sensor Developments for Human Condition

  1. RBM says:

    Low says 5 X's as much data, and from structures we know something about – cortical, sub=cortical, hippocampus – so I guess I'm off to dig into Wiki to see 'what we know' and is it useful ?

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