New Ways of Looking at Things

I am having some  problems defining the way in which some concepts have been presented for consideration. So it may seem a little frazzled but it’s one of those things that sits just below the surface waiting to be explained clearly and concisely.

As a scientist you may not care.

 I had thought then how interesting it may seem that such an example could have compared the brain to a black hole whose boundary conditions may have been the minds attempt at conscious awareness? Something that has been contained,  and contains all of what we are.  As an experimental pursuit then, a  thought to push our conscious mind to look deep within the parameters of that black hole?:) So people create thought experiments? That would be fun wouldn’t it?

Human brain showing the four major lobes of the cerebrum. Beneath the cerebral cortex are the cerebellum, pons, olive, and medulla oblongata  

Okay so here’s the thing I am considering. The Frontal Lobe is a recent addition to the development and evolution of the brain? I am of course open to corrections here. If we relegate the conscious awareness to everything going on around us too, consciousness is then is being correlated to that frontal lobe.

Okay so you got this so far, right? I want you to be a Polymath here for a moment. I want you to cross pollinate your trade with the idea of the brain, as consciousness and subconsciousness. Look into the black hole and tell me what you see?

  But for the first time, quantum physicist Seth Lloyd of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology suggests that memories of entanglement can survive its destruction. He compares the effect to Emily Brontë’s novel Wuthering Heights: “the spectral Catherine communicates with her quantum Heathcliff as a flash of light from beyond the grave.”

You can’t because no information can leave the confines of the black hole? So how can I be told? Theoretically you being consciously aware,  you try to tell me? It’s a description of the THing? So as a scientist you try to describe it for me by describing the surface/horizon.

As a scientist can such variables be introduced by shaking the foundations of the tree with which you have formulated your views. You are in your own mind then as you read and you see yourself trying to describe it.

If you are aware of what is happening with your subconscious mind you are in the moment of reliving everything that existed from the very beginning time you were born up to this moment. You have in essence  this moment recognized the parameters of all that life lived can be constrained within the confines of the rest of the brain. We would call that the subconscious. So your frontal Lobe and consciousness sits at the door way to a vast reservoir of all that has been contained.

I sense Kurzwellian thoughts intruding here.  I am trying to develop my own thoughts here. I have heard of his singularity though.

Now I would like this to be very scientifically recognized but know well the reticence of scientists who would like to see the matter states defined as to its substance, yet how can a scientist account for their whole life they have lived is retained in a place called the brain? Upon reflection,  see that such memory is contained?

So the thoughts formulating in my head are indeed about what manifests through any moment where we do not consciously observe but let ourselves be lost within the parameters of the subconscious.

As an example I might react without maintaining my conscious awareness and let the memory of the past dictate my responses as I have learn and lived the experiences. We may have inherited them within this library of experience as a deeper level of understanding. Such experiences are not ours in terms of the lived responses but those of our own parents. We may say that the subconscious gave way to a reaction by way of that in which we have lived?

Now since the frontal lobe and conscious awareness has the capability of predicting the future and looking at the past, we may say that the full scope of the subconscious needs the frontal lobe with which to observe the rest of the brain? As an observer and participator of the future actions other then what has been lived is the ability of your conscious awareness to change all that we have lived, to a new and set possibility of our future life?

This is not possible then to consider that the evolution of the black hole could have contained within in itself all that was remembered in the life of the universe? How then could there have ever been a before to have constituent familiarity  that such substance would have been displayed in the the life we live now?

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