Sphere and Sound Waves

Don demonstrates water oscillations on a speaker in microgravity, and ZZ Top rocks the boat 250 miles above Earth.Science off the Sphere: Space Soundwaves

So of course I might wonder about cymatics in space. It ‘s more the idea that you could further experiment with the environment with which life on the space station may provide in opportunity. That’s all.:)

There is a reason why I am presenting this blog entry.

It has to do with a comparison that came to mind about our earth and the relationship we might see to a sphere of water. Most will know from my blog the relevant topic used in terms of Isostatic adjustment in terms of planet design and formation. It is also about gravity and elemental consideration in terms of the shape of the planet.

Now sure we can expect certain things from the space environment in terms of molecular arrangement but of course my views are going much deeper in terms of the makeup of that space given the constituents of early universe formations.  So here given to states for examination I had an insight in terms of how one may arrange modularization in terms of using the space environment to capitalize.

So there is something forming in mind here about the inherent nature of the matter constituents that I may say deeper then the design itself such arrangements are predestined to become perfectly arranged according to the type of element associated with it?

 I want to be in control of that given a cloud of all constituents so that I may choose how to arrange the mattered state of existence. A planet maker perhaps?:) Design the gravity field. There are reasons for this.

Image: NASA/JPL-

Planets are round because their gravitational field acts as though it originates from the center of the body and pulls everything toward it. With its large body and internal heating from radioactive elements, a planet behaves like a fluid, and over long periods of time succumbs to the gravitational pull from its center of gravity. The only way to get all the mass as close to planet’s center of gravity as possible is to form a sphere. The technical name for this process is “isostatic adjustment.”

With much smaller bodies, such as the 20-kilometer asteroids we have seen in recent spacecraft images, the gravitational pull is too weak to overcome the asteroid’s mechanical strength. As a result, these bodies do not form spheres. Rather they maintain irregular, fragmentary shapes.

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3 Responses to Sphere and Sound Waves

  1. Ulla says:

    What about diamonds and gravity?

  2. PlatoHagel says:

    Good question……you know the inherent nature of the molecular arrangement and purity. In space such purity can be gained from cooling and constant pressure? How would such arrangement look if we said that in face of a centroid, from it's center outward?PIC below-All four green animals: malachiteBrown dolphin and brown pig: tiger's eyeBright blue pig (far left): lapis lazuliBlue hippo: sodaliteBlack and white pig (at the back): snowflake obsidianPurple frog: fluoriteSmall pink elephant (on the left): rhodoniteFrog with a coin in its mouth: rose quartz

  3. PlatoHagel says:

    Weight at Earth's CoreWould your body weigh more or less if standing on the Earth's core? What about above sea level?As you go further inside the Earth, the force you feel due to gravity lessens, assuming the Earth is has a uniform density all the way throughout. Less force means you weigh less.The reason is that the mass attracting you is inside a sphere, and is given by M = (4/3) * pi * (radius)3 * densityThe force you feel is given by F = G * M * (your mass) / (radius)2This means the net force is F = G * (4/3) * pi * radius * density * (your mass)(pi=3.14159 and G = Newton's gravitational constant)So as you go further inside the Earth, the radius is decreasing, so the force you feel is decreasing. The mass above you oddly enough doesn't contribute at all to any net force on your body.In reality, of course, the Earth is not of uniform density, and there is a slight increase in force as you go down from the surface, before it begins to decrease again. Still, you weigh less standing on the Earth's core.As far as what happens above sea level – you must realize that what happens outside the Earth is different from what happens inside the Earth. Inside, as you go deeper and deeper, the mass attracting you is less and less (as stated). Above sea level (the surface of the Earth, specifically) as you go further and further away, the mass remains constant (obviously), but the distance gets larger and larger, which makes the force (given by F = G * M(Earth) * M(you) / r2) smaller.Notice that the formula that applies inside the Earth is different from the one that applies outside.Dr. Louis Barbier(October 2003)See Also:Concepts Fade to Moments

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