The Park

Some may understand the significance of this part of one’s journey in the exploration of consciousness. It’s really not that mystical that one has gone over to the crazy side exploitative of metaphysical issues that hold no constructive value to the efforts of looking into nature and what it means? A location, or a focus you see.

Let us say that for all intensive purposes that you pick a real location. Just so that you are on par with the understanding that this place is a real place. You can touch it, you can smell it….you can take it all in …..and others are here. Okay, so its a conference then. Your looking at the landscape?

While I have provided an image above it may be less then truthful of the park. It can be a Butterfly Sanctuary located just outside of Parksville on Vancouver Island.

It was more of what this Picture means to me as an example of,  and feeling of. So while it is not an image of the park of m youth  it reminded me of one.  I had been to “a Park-Focus 27” when I was very young through happen stance encouraged by my wanting to know what I was to be when I was older. So you now recognize the distinction, and I did not have to do much work.

The correlations can happen from what one may find from using a systemic effort to organize a route that others have traveled and are traveling unbeknownst to them self. The odds are that you will find other people who in having no experience have awakened these correlations in search capabilities in perspective.

The framework regardless of the abstraction that is delivered is related too contact with levels of  perception that are not normally sought after on a everyday level. It could be the areas of work or expertise that one ventures through that enhance attributes of your perceptions.

So what do you find?
Focus 15: A state of “no time” in which you explore beyond the constraints of time and place. Opportunities are abundant for establishing communication with larger aspects of self.

Setting and knowing the route ahead you pave the way for the paradigm method to arrive on the doorstep to new and interesting thoughts about what is taken from that Locale. So your a scientist of a kind and you want reproducible results that others can experience too. So you work the method to perceptional awareness to contract occurrence with lets say Focus 15 or above? What is the benefit then?

Here’s the thing that is interesting, whether your some mathematician or scientist, you are using part of your intellect focus to penetrate current constructs in order to either extend them or discover new attributes of the work. The shift in focus is life changing in that once moving to a new perception basis having traveled the route a new world is encountered whether one would like to say to admit to it or not.

It is a foundational change.

It should be apparent that in order to establish this framework for extension requires that one be able to move through the abstractions as one would move through a new neighborhood.  On the surface you may only see the framework and not know of the further efforts or the attempts by which you have set up access to new information. New homes new people new thoughts and events.

Establishing this route requires that one understand they may had not be using another systemic approach and that they were trying to explain that they had established their own. So we are talking about developing systemic approaches to new discoveries here about the nature of our world?

So the level of perception is a mathematical one. Your always expressing your disdain for the approach to what is theoretically being designed yet you see no benefit to the using the framework. You call it all kinds of things….not being in touch with reality, or,  has shown no experiential attachment with regard to some phenomenological approach?

How the heck did you get to that point if you had not delved into the construct being evidential to the way in which you have pushed perception? So you can say I can see nothing and that such a abstraction is not worth the push into the capabilities of new perceptions? I shall decide to chorus the exploitative of this non attachment on a perceptional relation and repeat what others repeat.

You realize you have not venture here and we are all layman at this point….so all you see is the framework and not how you got there.


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