Putting the Pieces Together

Okay, so here’s the thing.

 I am not one to see benefit by using drugs in the personal exploration of attributes of consciousness. But, I do not deter myself from examining technically,  what is used,  as already being in existence,  to help with that exploration.

When thinking of Timothy Leary,  while I may not like his chemical journeys,  Leary using the, ” Tibetan Book of the Dead as a guide book for LSD sessions.”  I do like the idea of the deeper exploration of what has been handed down to us so as to examine consciousness as an experience in the telling of the Tibetan Book of the Dead reveals about life. The connotation when using the term death is to realize that consciousness is capable even in life to be foretelling about the journey we will all face one day.

While it may sound suspect that I have some bias towards life after death let’s put that aside for the more critical examination of the experiences you have already had. I am not trying to substitute anything other then to consider the potential that already exists within our own selves.  About our present examinations and tallies of the day to day, and where we are going with the future in the examination of our own lives.

Also, while I may see to use technical means in order to deduce subjective states of existence,  it does not mean that what I have already experienced on my own is invalidated.  These technical means are simply used in order to reach “similar states” that are and have been experienced by me. Hopefully.

By identifying brain wave information and examining correlative information deduced from such states, it is of course of relevance to the times that such information is forth coming. By drawing correlative experiences by talking about “the Park” or, “Focus level states,”  this is to show that such states have relevance to the examination I am placing on brain waves states.

Also a link to examine “the Intent in the Actualized,” to examine more deeply the correlative state that consciousness can experience by delving deeper into the meaning of one’s dreams. What you are able to draw from it information wise. In that sense I explored the idea of time travel, as a means of identifying aspects of consciousness that I believe is capable of moving back in time to examine historical correlates. I am not saying it is true just that from a creative standpoint such explorations can be useful fodder for the examination of written material for a story perhaps. A story that you are inherently strongly attached too, as it arises from your exploration.

So in this sense,  I am using Binaural Beats to emphasize one such technical means to use in the exploration of consciousness.

In view of this apparent misappropriation of credit, it is worthwhile to take a careful chronological look at the superheterodyne, to see precisely how it was invented and how it was introduced into practice.Who Invented the Superheterodyne?


  •  Heterodyning is a radio signal processing technique invented in 1901 by Canadian inventor-engineer Reginald Fessenden, in which new frequencies are created by combining or mixing two frequencies.[1][2][3] Heterodyning is useful for frequency shifting signals into a new frequency range, and is also involved in the processes of modulation and demodulation.[2][4] The two frequencies are combined in a nonlinear signal-processing device such as a vacuum tube, transistor, or diode, usually called a mixer.[2] In the most common application, two signals at frequencies f1 and f2 are mixed, creating two new signals, one at the sum f1 + f2 of the two frequencies, and the other at the difference f1 − f2.[3] These new frequencies are called heterodynes. Typically only one of the new frequencies is desired, and the other signal is filtered out of the output of the mixer. Heterodynes are closely related to the phenomenon of “beats” in music.

Binaural beat  are heard when the right ear listens to a slightly different tone than the left ear. Here, the tones do not interfere physically, but are summed by the brain in the olivary nucleus. This effect is related to the brain’s ability to locate sounds in three dimensions.

 In anatomy, the olivary bodies or simply olives (Latin oliva and olivae, singular and plural, respectively) are a pair of prominent oval structures in the medulla oblongata, the lower portion of the brainstem. They contain the olivary nuclei.

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RBM BB’s are not a causative agent but a aid to an inherent ability.

I do not disagree with this…..in fact I am gathering other ways in which to help in that effort as they are being discovered.

Focus 15: A state of “no time” in which you explore beyond the constraints of time and place. Opportunities are abundant for establishing communication with larger aspects of self.

Focus 15 and the Park are specific as to the realization implied, by recognizing these attributes in self as possible.

There are others methods that are being gathered that may help in this understanding, as a means to an end as well.

In its original form, a dreamachine is made from a cylinder with slits cut in the sides. The cylinder is placed on a record turntable and rotated at 78 or 45 revolutions per minute. A light bulb is suspended in the center of the cylinder and the rotation speed allows the light to come out from the holes at a constant frequency of between 8 and 13 pulses per second. This frequency range corresponds to alpha waves, electrical oscillations normally present in the human brain while relaxing.[2]

This understanding has it’s basis in what Tesla had to offer about wireless transmission in terms of the principal.”  A resonator, and what is attach to devices that come within the field. While it is of biological significance the BB’s are in question here as one might wonder about schumann response on a global level.

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    11 Responses to Putting the Pieces Together

    1. R says:

      My apology for misreading a plainly written statement.You have a lot of effort, obviously, put into the blog content.

    2. PlatoHagel says:

      That's okay….I have been asked on occasion to be more clear in my writing. I thought I might have such a case here, where this might be needed.Have you any info that you might have with regard to Binaural Beats that you are using. How they are constructed. Use them in concert with the dream machine? What can be gained by this?http://corvidcollege.wikidot.com/dream-machine

    3. RBM says:

      The only gain I'm aware of is to increase one's view of Reality. How far, is the very next question and that's a highly complex multitude of variables at the personal level.The technique isn't important to anyone other than the subject, since it's a personal journey. It's ultimately a practical matter of 'whatever works'. Or doesn't >>For example, there's a new poster over at MBTf that says Hemi-Sync gives him immediate headaches. As an ex-DJ, he's eliminated headphone usage as an explanation. Now, given all the data you've dug up, how does such an experience fit ?

    4. PlatoHagel says:

      For the DJ that is interesting….not a personal fit given the headaches. I think for certain people the frequencies generated as a binaural beat, can be irritating because of the tone. Putting the tone in the background to lets say a pleasing music out front, can help most certainly to alleviate. My wife found it uncomfortable as she complains of her ears ringing anyway so she does not like it. Could not hear the music, in face of the tone.Warnings for those who may experience epilepsy from strobes in a sense may find this beat generated untenable.For me it is a process that will unfold…..also too, ideas being generated as to cymatics and binaural beats demonstrating sound usage in terms of what patterns can already be established in the brain matter.I am not sure anyone has done this and it would be interesting establishing the patterns already in use as to demonstrate the patterns inherent in sound structure as to the binaural beats already being used.Think of sound as a sphere, and think of frequency as if a graph of the pattern. The sphere being cut in half, to illustrate graph.

    5. RBM says:

      \”….not a personal fit given the headaches.\”That consideration has been explicitly refuted in my earlier comment. \”I think for certain people the frequencies generated as a binaural beat, can be irritating because of the tone.\”The following assumes no 'brain malfunction's'.There is a clip in which TC talked about their roll out of their field trials.The results, overall, were fantastic according to the tech owners evaluation. Among the aggregate respondent results were things, popularly known as paranormal phenomena, occurring; in addition, there were respondents who said all they did was fall asleep. Then, promptly woke up, at the end of the session. This was classified as the 'clicking out' phenomena. I would place 'irritations' in between the above two points. 'Clicking out' was explained as a physiological response created by the listener who was unable/unwilling to operate in the brain hemispheric synchronized state.I make a good example here for this phenomena and your Wife's lack of 'comfort'.I 'click out' regularly, at the present stage of my development. I also have massive case of tinnitus in both ears. To the extent that I get different tones in either ear, back and forth, up and down in frequency; a veritable symphony.And the pertinent question is what does one do with such results ? I continue to experiment. I'm not quick to make rash 'conclusions'. My results, indicate I'm going in the correct direction, in spite of not knowing what that direction is. I'm comfortable with the lack of uncertainty. In my experience in real life and online, most are not comfortable with such uncertainty.

    6. PlatoHagel says:

      RBM:There is a clip in which TC talked about their roll out of their field trials.Can you find link and supply?Yes I am aware of clicking out…..and in years past I had trouble with this with regard to mediation and my attempts at it. So I am doing this different while using technical means there is some notions on my part about maintaining the aspect of the observer regardless of what is happening in the moment now.So by using music in past, headphones, mostly listening I would work unimpeded by not requiring this to be considered \”as a distraction,\” but to aid my work while writing. Binaural beat pattern with music is being used now. So, while establishing brain matter distinctions as to tone( Heterodynes are closely related to the phenomenon of \”beats\” in music.) I continue to work my brain.

    7. RBM says:

      I will see if I can locate the clip of Tom talking about the field trials.

    8. PlatoHagel says:

      Hi RBM,What I need to see what was evident from the way TC talked about what he knows and how he is delivering it.What I mean to say that while TC is talking, he is no longer observing in the sense \”as if from a distance\” but is directly speaking from that levelI would direct your thinking to what I have written in regard to Tesla and what TC relays from the time in tape from 7 min to approx 12 minutes. Is this not an interest way to look for new technological advances as long as we understand what is going on?:)I understand now what and how through his own trials and subjective journalese has gained in knowledge that he wishes to share now. This is what I was speaking about before in terms of him revealing this part of his work as well as his work as a scientist.So now I am listening to the explorer series to understand what is taking place.Because of my past work independent of the work of the Monroe institute there is much I had learn as anyone of learns as we travel the road to understand what is going on with regard to information that exists in are the very subtle subjective states.

    9. RBM says:

      I will be surprised if you can accomplish 'understanding' from listening to .mp3's.I would give that chance a 5-sigma rating of accomplishment. It does add up, however, so that's on your side.I'll also note 'understanding' can occur at the intellectual level and deeper, at the nonphysical Consciousness 'Being' level.RE: field trialsMeanwhile, an excerpt from Google books, page 80:http://books.google.com/books?id=RYHtBPiZVgsC&printsec=frontcover&dq=My+Big+TOE&hl=en&sa=X&ei=WMnyUPiyIdOI2gWRxYH4Dg&ved=0CC0Q6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=%204%20Hz%20beat&f=false

    10. PlatoHagel says:

      Thanks for the confidence rating of 1 in 3.5 million chance? \”The trials\” just confirm what was evident and capable in any of us if we use the methodology that is provided in order to explore, eh?The trials are only examples of what was accomplished after \”many voyages,\” and if you've really listened you'd already have some background understanding of what was taking place without these procedures. I can already recognize what has and is spoken by Tc in his Big Toe journalese by knowing that we already have this talent in us. These tapes ar ejust evidence of that capability fast tracked. This methodology provides some expertise in arriving at what was being accomplished by \”other people\” without using this method long before Bob came along.Bob along with his researchers like TC helped standardize the process to provide a method that was innate in some from the very beginning. No need to then mention the books you have gone through to realize the method is productive eh? 🙂 Just another traveler along the road?In order to get to Bob Monroe one does not just stumble across him the \”first pass,\” but over the years come to some point of encounter. It could not have been your \”first pass\” considering your age? Nor mine.:)

    11. RBM says:

      Yeah. you have to open the door of exploration at LEAST enough for a 'dim glimmer' (see, MBT/Googel) to shine through. You do have an advantage in listening to the tapes to learn what Tom experienced. in at lest some limited aspect, that some don't.I have hardly listened to any of the taps myself. I had actually heard of The Monroe Institute in '95. when i was socializing in New Age circles. More recently, I didn't read Bob's books till after reading MBT, for what it's worth.My guess is this isn't a first pass incarnation or even likely in a dozen passes for me. My core family issues, are why I have that opinion, in retrospect; it it said at MBTf that older IUOC's can have 'planned' incarnations to learn specific elements, as far as probability allows for.

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