History Displays Newton’s Optics and Organic Chemistry?

 The Errors & Animadversions of Honest Isaac Newton

by Sheldon Lee Glashow


Isaac Newton was my childhood hero. Along with Albert Einstein, he one of the greatest scientists ever, but Newton was no saint. He used his position to defame his competitors and rarely credited his colleagues.His arguments were sometimes false and contrived, his data were often fudged, and he exaggerated the accuracy of his calculations. Furthermore, his many religious works (mostly unpublished) were nonsensical or mystical, revealing him to be a creationist at heart. My talk offers a sampling of Newton’s many transgressions, social, scientific and religious.

This is an entry in progress but if one has been following one may have asked indeed where did such a history begin to say that in today’s world there is this emergence of the trades in combination. Theoretical Physics and Organic Chemistry.

You may be familiar with Isaac Newton from such inventions as calculus and the law of universal gravitation. What you may not know is that he was also an avid “chymist,” or alchemist. In fact, Newton actually wrote roughly a million words about alchemy and his experiments with it — as Indiana University science historian William Newman has noted, Newton probably spent more time doing alchemy than he did on any of his other scientific pursuits. See: Incredible videos recreate Isaac Newton’s experiments with alchemy

Analysis of white light by dispersing it with a prism is an example of spectroscopy

So while looking at the future it is always interesting to see where such thought predate the thinking that cross pollination with regard to the science could have seen any benefit in looking at Spectroscopy. So you can see where I might have displayed an ancient idea suggested of alchemy as to the psychology as an end result of the complexity of simple formulation of the physics of things we did not see useful before.

It forces my thinking as to the assumptions that will eventually reveal the nature of our thoughts processes and evidences as existing in the idea of consciousnesses explained?

There is no doubt there is some relevance in my thinking that what may be termed spiritual may have some weight attached to how I think we may be held to our experiences. How the weight of our experiences could have affects as to what is perceivable outside the parameters of and circumference of our established lives.  On a classical level, the matter distinctions are apparent and anything beyond that as related too, quantum effects,  is a much more deeper request for new and measurable techniques to the psychology of our being and examination of what consciousness really is?

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