The Interspecies Internet

The Interspecies Internet: An Idea in Progress……Posted by Alexandra Manoliu

What kind of technologies will have to be developed for such a process to unfold. I find this to be an interesting angle with which we may approach the question of how alien contact would and could immediately be responded too.

Is it True: Are we Alone?

 So the question for me would have be on how sensory meters would and could be correlated to the other species that such integration could be accomplished across all levels of communication regarding those species.


Lincos (an abbreviation of the Latin phrase lingua cosmica) is an artificial language first described in 1960 by Dr. Hans Freudenthal and described in his book Lincos: Design of a Language for Cosmic Intercourse, Part 1. It is a language designed to be understandable by any possible intelligent extraterrestrial life form, for use in interstellar radio transmissions.

In a sense then we would have to go beyond the language and the list here of cultural differences across the planet again serve as illustrative example of such a diversity of communication in our own human species. So the complexity of the problem is indeed a deep look into the way in which we could move beyond the condensate result of communication, other then,  by the languages we would use. We would have to look underneath this to the frequencies that have been established?

So the communicative result is a vast area with which such signals can become important? We can electronically emulate,  and such a agreement between the species,  would ask a correlative result to sound and it’s use,  to show images of the differences of those same species,  as a basis to their language??

So in recognition of a consciousness of a type specific to any species mean that it is awake to the reality with which all are in agreement to the meeting point that is taking place.  Special emphasis on meeting point should be noted.


We are a non-profit organization that facilitates interspecies communication, by connecting like-minded artistic and scientific projects and developing technologies to support them. Our work assists with education and the protection and conservation of all the species with whom we are involved.

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