After Life Debate-Materialism and Religion

Just so you know while visiting Sean Carroll’s site, I had not the opportunity to see the debate until I have provided the link, and embedded the debate here now. Well, to stimulate debate, its necessary without having my point if view shown. I do have an opinion about
The After Life, so you might have seen my comments there, or not, given the materialist count. 🙂

See: Death is not Final

So with such dire warnings I do not know what I am to face other then what I have encountered as a position taken by Sean,who I have known in the blogging world for a long time now.

My own bias can be shown here on this site so as to understand that I have had a position about the Afterlife, regardless of Sean’s opinion. This did not in any way make me think less of the way in which I have learn what science is,  and all the lessons that have gone into following Sean’s blog. I just wanted people to know that.

So without further ad-due, I delve into the video.

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