Then, A Theory in the Abstract

ALICE (A Large Ion Collider Experiment)Image Credit by CERN

Collisions in the LHC generate temperatures more than 100,000 times hotter than the centre of the Sun. For part of each year the LHC provides collisions between lead ions, recreating in the laboratory conditions similar to those just after the big bang. See: Alice


You have to reach a certain point in which the experiments bring you to the question of what arises in the beginning and then update(See Susskind’s Lecture 1: Theoretical Minimum.) So you figured out the time line here and saw that preceding this point in time there is a fundamental question about how the universe begins.

Your aware that the reductionist agenda has a dual purpose, to not only tell us about the matters at hand, but reveals something about the very nature of creation in the cosmos. All these satellites are sensor attributed to the spectrum allocations which we have given to in sensor design.   These satellites then track for us. They give us  information about what is evident as we examine  the cosmos. People for some reason have totally missed this point about sensor development and cosmos related journeys.You develop what you need too,  in order to examine exactly where we are living. Where you might one day hope to live? Rocks, become important because they may hold the value of what is needed while you are on that other planet or moon.

Why AMS given you can use the extended environment, or,  design experiments given the weightlessness of space?

It may be hoped given the encouragement I give my grandson(very subtle) that he will give himself to the physics with which my later life has occupied me. Its a tough thing even as a parent, or grandparent to see these children become the new generation( the choices we could have made at their age) with which they can now become what we are so fondly attached.

But you know the rules right,  about setting them free?:) At the same time,  I know something that is needed,  that he has, and if he chooses to “see further” then the experiment with which I can so easily shown above, then he will be able to venture further “if”  he chooses to go into the abstract. But given that he might be 1 of 100, does this mean we should stop updating?

Just maybe, you young physicists of the white cloak today, will some day meet your younger counterparts and say hello to my grandson.


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