As you notice with the following, I upgraded the current thought process of the demonstration of the 6 videos in length,  to suggest an approach to how we see a science develop out of an approach using consciousness.

Well I think most definitely it is an attitude that is born out of a position you adopted for sure.

Here;s the point…..every thing that is discussed in TM is functional without ever having to talking about using of this method.

The underlying sources in recognition of the philosophy is all there and it is academic in it’s settings. So they used that to demonstrate the logic of their approach, and ultimate realization to say its all string or its all consciousness as a demonstration of this Unified Field.

There is a ole and ancient philosophy tied to this by correlation which is of Vedic and correlated to a leader of such thought.

Throw the leader aside and the religious association to money making schemes as to set each of us within a intonation, and we go on our way to delving into the relationship of the deeper thinking mind. This capability already exists within our range of thinking if we but learn to relax, sit by a stream or water fall, and you do not have to divest yourself of the reason with which you look at the world.

So the realization that everything is sound, is a conversion process that takes place in the mind as to describing what we have already described in the physics as measure, so we turn our language over to see collisions processes as described this way.

There is nothing wrong with seeing this way as long as you stay with the theoretic and physics of high energy approach.

So resonance in the brain matter, is as an affective state of consciousness,  is a measure of frequency of the brain. Such a measure along side of showing what state your mind is in through different examinations is equally as valid as to the approach of the method of TM,  while recognizing the underlying philosophy of approach.

The attempts of seeing such characters as one might mention in Castaneda as a fictional portrayal at best,  as we have now come to know. Isn’t this much like the theory of form as we discuss the method underlying the talk of forms in our approach as we listen to a story that Plato may have written about Socrates?

These forms are like qualitative examinations at the basis of thought become extrapolated to the world at large, so we see literature used to speak about a question and answer,  as we are lead to the forms of the story.

The push toward an answer beyond a certain point in the physics of the big bang is then supplemented with some thing even much deeper then the equations that have taken us to a current time within the expression of the big bang, to realize that all around us now is consciousness in expression, are elements of the language to suggest, that such evidence exists at this very moment all around us.

We might have looked at the latest gravitational foot print to call it B modes in the WMAP? That is a conversion to the application of sound? So what are we saying? That gravity,  is like sound?

Particulates as a measure of the energy  as a frequency of sound. So you see the move to describe matter in another way may have been a revelation of a kind that was lead to a subjective form of reasoning that was deductive. So in that moment, where was consciousness as a measure of the state of the mattered brain as it explored??

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