Information and Consciousness

As I look deeper into ( Tegmark’s ideas I am wondering if such affective states as emotion do describe the fluidity of feeling as a discription of all emotive states of being. While consciousness is present in such a state such a fluid system can signal other responses quite readily as a messenging system within the body. We understand well how consciousness can be moved according to such affective states.

 So to then, think of the states of abstraction that mind is given too, as a certain airiness of thought, that the brain as a consciousness system and matter defined, does not sit solely in the matter but seeks thoughts of consciousness as being in quite another state?

 Again too, I examine and wonder about judgement defined as a “matter define process” as decision making. You see these examples being defined as states of consciousness, and relevant examples of information bodily expressed, while conscious shares these facets of ideas formulated as expression from such a higher perceptive place, to reality all around?

Regarding Determinism

 You can’t argue with what’s staring you in the face. It is like saying there is nothing. Nothing would never have anything to offer of itself, but it is not determined that way. Nothing like determinism is lead too, by circumstance/contextuality? By our discription of what it is?

The reality just is? The very situation in the now is connected to what? A past, or a possible, future ?

 Now, if it is subjective, how is such a thing measured in Order for change to become possible, if possible at all? Well thats the thing, destiny and change is possible, even through a subjective understanding?

 While these are functioning facets of consciousness in expression, the subtitled examination is reactions in the bodily function related to these varying perspectives regarding those aspects of consciousness expressed. These become, defined in judgement, in measure. Quickly the materialist has been identified, but not the degrees with which consciousness has been expressed? Recognizing this aspect of layering that is realized in consciousness, reveals a deeper realization of the reality according to states of consciousness? What then is reductionism doing here to say that the final result is materialism , as judgement and measure? Subtle aspects and recognition of consciousness in this way helps to point out what is at work in the world of determinism that is believed to be hidden?

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