I Have An Idea

Now as many of you know,  a creative individual if they are open enough can bring forth something that is accessible to all, but,  if the mind is not in a particular travelling mode, the idea might not appear on it’s radar screen for observation.

So understanding what it takes to materialize these efforts on idea manifestation to appearance on a human scale

Now remember,  what I propose could in affect revolutionize the auto industry and our dependence on oil and gas? Economy

In a philosophical sense, when thinking about “symmetry as a place.” How  could one move to such a position creatively to derive a new possibility? See it’s effects, here on earth?

The effects of a polarizing filter on the sky in a photograph. The picture on the right uses the filter.

Ya, it’s is an idea that could in fact change the way society uses the technologies it has, expands on it, and applies it in a different way.

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